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Knowledge: outdoor climbing cycling knee is operable

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
Knowledge: outdoor camping goods climbing cycling knee is operable time: 2011 - 09 - 20 < P> this topic have been talking about! Today from the choice of gear to ride mountain how to use the knee protection to make a personal point of view, the content of one-sided or wrong place please advise. < / P> < P>【 Cycling 】 < / P> < P> 1, flat road cycling, bottom is usually sitting, knee straight about 90 ° bend exercise, exercise frequency depending on the speed of riding, joint pressure depending on the gear. < / P> < P> 2, climbing joint movement usually high operation frequency. < / P> < P> the above narrative contains no divide rapid medium speed slow joint movement, playing the basic all know! Jargon is called 'do you understand this' < / P> < P> 【 Mountaineering 】 < / P> < P> 1, flat, uphill, downhill, the three bigger flat when walking on the person's mental state and load condition and road mileage determines the joint exercise < / P> < P> so cannot say mountaineering will strain on the knee, according to the situation of common and mountaineering, we load is usually 15 - Between 30 jins, time is usually about 6 hours a day walking process. When you walk with 15 pounds of equipment for 2 hours in front of the time and the last hours of time that the weight of the upper body pressure on the knee joint is completely different. This is also why about knee strain and whether it should use knee bifurcation point! Everyone's starting point not to stand in one place, so will have some different opinions. < / P> < P> anyway, cycling and climbing need to protect the knee joint, yes, but the movement of knee pressure is the difference between a they guard point is different, too. < / P> < P> I usually see riding knee is that straight through, and then add a point in front of the mat, the function of this mat is a direct hit to the knee when I fell down and warm. < / P> < P> but for key 90 ° movement for a long time in the way of the protection of the lack of. Because the movement Angle is large and frequent personally think need simple design with patellar protect the function of the pressure, in this I recommend using double patellar belt, defect is fall didn't have to protect your skin and bones. < / P> < P> mountaineering gear is complicated, first of all, according to their own situation to choose is protective gear, whether you have the pain it can play its function. Rather than say nothing goes wrong with my legs and feet thoroughly without protective devices. Movement in the joints of slight damage is very normal, also is inevitable, a lot of times it to slow, and didn't note the damage accumulation. ( This point of view I believe many people will argue me, my starting point is, slight injury, for the first time, self feeling no heavy body and neglect, when recovery is not yet complete sports injury again again) < / P> < P> to measure their physical condition after exercise intensity in next to look at you, is a simple type or moderate exercise or challenge. Each movement level of pressure and wear on the body composition is different. Combining these situations to choose what you need. I think more appropriate < / P> < P> finally take this opportunity to explain my ideas about the high intensity exercise to the body damage: < / P> < P> a metaphor: the gym muscle, if you are the number of daily lift barbell is 20, then to the gym coach will make you stick to do 25, let you do 30 in a few days. This is a kind of potential mining. Another way is to add weight plate, start your weight is 100 jins, the kinds of very egg set up, the coach will give you add 20 jins let you, when you add egg set, has been added to the 200 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 300 catties. Y, can go to the Olympic Games gold medal! < / P> < P> the above metaphor I'd like to explain mountaineering outdoor challenge the limit of the topic, just tell everybody here, outdoor camping goods also popular moderation in all things, all things don't too leave some room for yourself! < / P>
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