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It is necessary to know several outdoor for help

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
It is necessary to know several outdoor camping goods distress means time: 2011 - 10 - 08 < P> distress, want to get in touch with other people through various ways. Signals to be enough to arouse people's attention. At the same time, according to own condition and the surrounding environment condition, make different distress signal. In general, action is symbol of repeated three times for help. < / P> < P> setting off three pile of fire is a common international distress signal, will the fire into triangles, each pile of equal interval between the ideal, this arrangement is convenient. If fuel scarcity or seriously injured, or because of hunger, too weak, do not heap three flame, then the roughing lit a heap. < / P> < P> remember, sometimes can't get all the signal fire burning all day long, this kind of circumstance should be ready at any time, to keep the fuel drying, once you have any plane passing, is lit for help as soon as possible. < / P> < P> fuel to the fire to burn, lit to quickly after burning, because some opportunity fleeting, birch bark is the ideal fuel. Conditional word can use gasoline, but will not pour out of gasoline on the fire, the use of some material in the wick, soaked in gasoline, and then on the reactor, remove the petrol tank to safety after the light, the fire is extinguished when adding gasoline, be sure to add in no spark or embers of the fuel, or deflagration flames will hurt yourself. < / P> < P> in the daytime, the smoke is a good locator, the fire to add some green grass, leaves, mosses and ferns can produce smoke, smoke after liftoff in sharp contrast with the surrounding environment, pay attention to vulnerable people. Actually, smoke anything damp, wet straw mat, cushion can be smoked to burn for a long time, also difficult to close to hurt flying insects. Can put some dry wood at night, make a fire, fire to rise. < / P> < P> in addition, the black smoke in the snow or in the desert is the most striking, rubber and gasoline can produce black smoke. < / P> < P> if is limited by meteorological conditions, smoke only near surface moving, can increase the fire, so the heat flow upward momentum, will carry the height of the smoke to quite. < / P> < P> when searching for the plane is relatively close, hands waving significantly larger clothing color contrast with the surrounding environment, to express the meaning of distress. < / P> < P> a flag or a piece of fabric colour and lustre LiangYan on sticks, a stick movement, long on the left side, right side of the short stroke, increase the range of movement, make movement '8' glyph. < / P> < P> if the distance is relatively close, don't have to do '8' glyph. Row a simple action can, on the left side draw a time long, on the right hand draw a time short, the former should be took slightly longer than the latter. < / P> < P> as far between, can cry out or knocked the sticks, a lifesaving whistle role will become more obvious, three short three long, repeated short, interval repeat again after 1 minute. < / P> < P> use sunlight and a mirror to signal light. Any bright material can be used, such as canned lifted the lid, glass, a piece of metal foil, a mirror, of course, is more ideal. Constant reflection will regularly have a long term and a dot, this is one of the Morse code. Even if you don't understand the Morse code, optional albedo, may also be conspicuous. In any case, should at least master SOS code. < / P> < P> even if the distance is quite far away can also detect a reflected light signal, and even did not know you to contact the location of the object, so is worth a lot of temptation, and its practices just lift a finger. Pay attention to look around the sky, if you are not close to, can quickly reflected signal light. This kind of light may be dazzled rescuers, once so make sure you have been found, should immediately stop the reflected light. < / P> < P> in open ground, such as grass, beach, the snow can make the ground symbol. A definite marked patterns such as cut grass, or in the snow on the SOS sign, also can use the branches, seaweed, such as Mosaic signal, get in contact with air. You can also use the international civil aviation air contact symbols shown in uniform. Remember these words: SOS ( For help) 发送( Send out) ,医生( The doctor) 帮助( Help) 伤害( Injured) 被困( Launch) 失去了( Lost) 、水( Water) 。 < / P> < P> when leave dangerously, to leave some of the signifier, in case that rescuers can find. The ground signal that rescuers can understand your position or the position of the past, direction indicator helps them find the path of you. Along the way to leave a beacon, not only can let the rescue workers search for, and when you want, also not be lost if lost, can not find to route, it can become a wizard. < / P> < P> direction indicator includes: < / P> < P> 1. The rocks or rubble into arrow. < / P> < P> 2。 Sticks on branches, coping, pointing to the direction of action. < / P> < P> 3。 Upper tie knot in the roll in the grass, the bending direction indicating action at the top. < / P> < P> 4。 A forked branch is placed on the ground, with the bifurcation point to action. < / P> < P> 5。 With small stones into a large heap, put a small stone pointing in the direction action again at the edge. < / P> < P> 6。 With a deep in the direction of the arrow shaped grooves said action of the trunk. < / P> < P> 7。 The intersection of two sticks or stones mean that the road is blocked. < / P> < P> 8。 With three pieces of rocks, sticks or bushes convey meaning clear signal, dangerous or emergency. < / P>
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