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Introduction to outdoor camping tent material

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
Introduction to outdoor camping goods camping tent material time: 2011 - 10 - Source: 21 tent author: < p> tents outdoor camping goods tent points according to the requirements of using a variety of types, such as camping, mountain, beach, fishing, hunting, disaster relief, the jungle, military and so on, the following main talk about camping, mountain climbing tent materials and design. < / p> < p> camping, mountain climbing outside account generally use light thin polyester, nylon fabrics, so will be light, and can improve the fabric to the density of the fabric, foreign high-grade tents with 210 t to 300 t, the density of the water proofing property will also be increased relatively high, but also requires fine too high density of the silk, this strength will be decreased. < / p> < p> coating has a variety of external accounts, camping, mountain climbing tent generally adopt PU, PE, and silver, PU is most ideal. Waterproof index generally mmh2o 800 ~ 2500, the external accounts is too high will affect the air permeability of tents, foreign high-grade tents are rarely in more than 2500. And tent waterproof index is a dynamic index, not hydrostatic pressure index, 2500 mmh2o just rain down the moment the water pressure, if use 2500 water is leaking. I used most of the tents outside the tent in a long period of time will be wet in the rain, then the design of the double tents reflect its advantage, the inside of the external accounts gathered water droplets will slide to the ground. Camp according to these characteristics, mountaineering tents advice not to choose the single, single tent water droplets will slide inside the tent. < / p> < p> camping, mountain climbing in account generally adopt ultra-light polyester, nylon, polyester/cotton breathable fabrics. Tc has the advantage of good hygroscopicity, defect is easy to mold, polyester, nylon advantage is easy to care. Account is a large area of mesh cloth, within some advantage is good air permeability, the disadvantage is that the light is too transparent, summer account only, can clearly see the inside outside, sleep is easy to run. < / p> < p> camping, mountaineering tents to materials with PE, ordinary nylon, Oxford cloth. End of low-grade with PE, PE not wear-resisting, easily aging brittle. Laceration resistant nylon base on alpine tent, advantages, disadvantages poor abrasion resistance, easy to broken. The most mature, Oxford cloth, Oxford cloth with silk nominal thickness index D, 210 D, 150 D, wear-resisting is relatively better, but some component is also relatively improve. Waterproof index of the base, the higher the better, general mmh2o 2000 ~ 50000. < / p> < p> camping, mountain climbing tent curtain rod generally use fiberglass rod and aluminum rod. Fiberglass rod advantage is cheap, easy to aging weakness, brittle fracture, fracture, heavy. Aluminum rod advantage is light, the intensity is big, the disadvantage is that expensive. Aluminum rod materials using t9 7075 or 7001 t6, early aluminum rod can produce only South Korea, the United States and Germany, the German quality is best, South Korea has the highest cost performance, so most of the aluminum pole tent pole come from South Korea. < / p> < p> a few years ago the domestic aluminum rod is South Korea imported, and is a fixed code in, after complete later in order to save costs from Han Guojin domestic aluminum tube, their cutting assembling complete sets, also called South Korea aluminum rod. Recently heard that the domestic do missile shell of a former military enterprise can do aluminium tube, but the raw material is from Korea. The real with EASTON7075 South Korea original complete set of aluminum rod. < / p> < p> a lot of friends think camping, mountaineering tents regardless of inside outside account, account matters, actually should be outside account by playing to the rubber band of tight, hang lever in the bill to a little looser, this design is a certain stretch space under the wind. You can go to see the MSR tent of wind tunnel test. < / p> < p> camping, mountain climbing tent use note: < / p> < p> 1, tents, tents outside must be, to avoid the account and inside there is contact, waterproof outer water infiltration into account in the inside of the tent; < / p> < p> 2, tents don't exposure at high temperatures, the base cloth don't on the beach and the ground temperature, which can prevent the PU aging, avoid waterproof performance degradation; < / p> < p> 3, when you receive tents, to roll slowly, must have the flight direction of air inside the tent, and if the air without export volume tents, waterproof layer air can only break out, it will greatly affect the waterproof properties. < / p>
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