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Introduction to down sleeping bag technology parameter and function

by:Foerstine     2020-05-07
Introduction to down sleeping bag technology parameter and function time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 15 sources: tent camping tents < p> on our common down sleeping bags, with many of the technical parameters, these parameters is one of the important instructions indicate the function of sleeping bags, but due to the buyers and users often do not understand the meaning of these technical parameters, therefore when buying and using tend to have some doubt and misunderstanding. Understanding of these technical parameters are necessary to ensure that we buy really suitable for their own use sleeping bag. Is showed that the temperature of the sleeping bag index scale: the scale, scale limits and comfortable temperature, extreme temperature indicating is sleeping bag using the limit temperature range, usually we should focus on is comfortable temperature, it refers to the majority of people use the sleeping bag when the temperature of the human body feel comfortable, but to the special note is scale there is no uniform standard, so often just for your reference, such as some export Europe and the United States or Europe and the United States imports of sleeping bags are marked scale slightly low, this may be associated with human body quality and eating habits, generally westerners hardy, more than the Chinese so when buying this kind of sleeping bag, want to consider this factor to make appropriate adjustments. Down sleeping bags, under the same thermal properties under the weight of the lightest sleeping bags, and most expensive relative prices of the sleeping bag. RongLiang: filling is usually said downcontent. Itself weight of 400 g g fleece refers to fill down qualities, the higher the value, the better, in general scale in - Below 20 ℃ when asked grams weighs 900 g or higher. Sleeping bag is full of duck down, goose down and duck feathers, feathers, such as filling RongLiang is 70%, namely 70% wool 30% wool. < / p> < p> down the heat preservation effect mainly from fine wool, and under the same conditions of goose down warm degree is slightly higher than the duck down, so the wool content is higher, the heat preservation performance is good, the price also is higher. MAO's content should not be too high, too high will influence its warmth, but the hair is a must, otherwise no tent loose degree. High due to the differential elastic velvet, so downcontent sleeping bag after use slower when restoring awning, there is no 100% downcontent, only into a certain amount of hair can make whole sleeping bag covered loose and elastic. The highest filling RongLiang generally can reach 90%, very few foreign down sleeping bag is said to be up to 95%. Awning looseness: refers to the performance of can bounce back quickly, with more than 500 index is preferred. GDD indicators: GDD is the abbreviation of English grey duck down. Indicate the 70/30 when sleeping bag filling of grey hair accounted for 70%, 30% white hairs. Generally think white wool grease content well, gray contain low fat, such as Beijing, jiangxi of the duck is white hair more, such as Beijing roast duck, duck feather produced by sichuan many for grey hair. The superiority of grey hair is not easy metamorphism, containing a high percentage of gray sleeping bags for a long time without use, not easy to deterioration or even worm-ate. Other users would find when using high content of GDD sleeping bags won't feel hot, feel more comfortable, this is because the white wool fire dry, gray is warm and peaceful, so GDD index, the higher the sleeping bag price also. Weight: refers to the weight of the sleeping bag itself, usually the more warmth retention property of sleeping bag filling pile, the more weight will increase, according to the temperature of the destination and its load-bearing ability, grasp on its own. Lining material: lining materials usually requires more than 200 t advisable, because such as lining material index below 200 t, the individual will wear a MAO, some good sleeping bags commonly used nylon material has to ensure that there will be no wool through the phenomenon, this kind of material is light and feels soft paste when skin contact; Sleeping bag for external use only materials: good down use waterproof breathable material more, because in some very cold places, whenever the morning wake up, tent steam condenses small water droplets, often splashed on the sleeping bag, so sleeping bag for external use material to have certain water proofing property, make sure that the sleeping bag dry. Because once damp down sleeping bags, and not easy to dry, it will lose heat preservation performance, so must use waterproof breathable material to do the outer fabric. Feather structure from inside the sleeping bag on the latest popular in the international is currently using feather stereoscopic warehouse structure, to ensure that the positioning of down and feather, to restore its fluffy appearance. Zipper should use good zipper, such as YKK to ensure durable, now some high-grade sleeping bags in the zip part of nylon tape seam edge processing, has been adopted to prevent the zipper fabric when use happens. Appearance: a narrow style heat preservation performance is best in the same weight of sleeping bags; The envelope type is easing a bit. Other: caps, before the great circle of post so that both of weight and not warm also cause size; Good down sleeping bag also takes into consideration the processing of the neck or add a collar, to ensure that the heat from escaping through the neck, this is a great improvement on sleeping bag function. Sleeping bag is usually require waterproof, best can have certain compression capability, so convenient for compressed volume, easy to carry. < / p> < p> at present our country has formally introduced Italy CAMP brand sleeping bag, the brand has been 113 years of history, is one of the most famous international brand of high-grade brand down sleeping bags. < / p>
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