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Insect-resistant outdoor travel in the fall of the coup

by:Foerstine     2020-04-19
Autumn outdoor travel insect-resistant coup time: 2013 - 10 - 16 nowadays, it is a really good season autumn. But out here, must be careful harmful insect damage. The study found that in addition to the bloodthirsty mosquitoes and other insects, most of the worm will not take the initiative to attack, they attack people more because of frightened by people. Foer sting remind everybody in this field play when had better not take the initiative to provoke some insects. < br /> tick tick main perched on the grass, the trees, such as environment, should avoid to sit long hours in such an environment. If you need to enter this area, especially the patients had already been found, should pay attention to personal protection. Can spray on exposed skin and clothes deet ( 避蚊胺) To ward off agent such as protective; Tick attachment in human scalp, waist, armpits, groin, and below the ankle area. After the tick habitat or activities, carefully check the physical presence of ticks, ticks attached to the body is found, should immediately with tweezers and other tools to remove ticks. Because ticks on liquid may contain infectious agents or skin wounds, do not tick removal with the hand or finger directly will tick, crushed; Ticks parasitic in livestock or pet surface. If discover to there is ticks parasitic animal body surface, should reduce contact with animals, avoid being tick. History, has a history of tick or outdoor camping goods activities once suspected symptoms or signs, should go to a doctor as early as possible, and inform the doctor related history of exposure. The caterpillar in plant leaf has been bite marks, often there will be a riot of caterpillar. Such as adult, mulberry, caterpillar, caterpillar is relatively rare. The caterpillar more toxic, qianqian don't directly by hand to knead, to prevent its sting stabbed. If unfortunately was stung by a caterpillar, don't be caught, the swelling range, the greater the skin caught the little bear hard. Had better take some tape, stick on the wound and then stripped, stick on the skin off poison hair, in order to reduce damage. Beetle some steps a no sting, but when they will spit out a strong irritating smell and frightened corrosive fog liquid, if the eye contact, to pain for a few hours, sometimes a few weeks to heal. This defensive trick is a Shared by many steps, some step beetle will be issued when the injection liquid 'bang' a loud up, thus known as 'shooting bug' or 'fart insect'. The role of the New Orleans hornets is very severe, advise you had better not be curious and active near yellow honeycomb. These insects with the instinct of defense, if the cellular intrusions, they will take the initiative to attack. Overturned the hornets very dangerous, the person being stung above 5 ~ 10 times there are fatal. By the hornets after one thousand, there is only one way, is to escape, try to cover your skin with a clothes, if near a pond, jump in asylum also have not cannot. < br /> once poisonous spider man was bitten by a spider, may even be deadly. Distinguish between field, therefore, do not provoke you whether poisonous spider. < br /> the scorpion centipede such insect toxicity is stronger, can cause the serious consequences such as nervous system lesions, and hemolysis, life-threatening. walk watch your step when you sit around, don't turn stone mounds, avoid the scorpion, the centipede to defend their homes and active cuts. Once stings, shall be immediately with a rubber tourniquet or ropes and tighten the wound near the heart end, don't squeeze the wound, can use the negative pressure to suck out the poison, again with soap water, soda and other alkaline solution washing, wet apply, to neutralize acid poison, conditional oral topical snake tablets at the same time, and see a doctor immediately. Rove bug rove fall active, more activities at night, have phototaxis. Rove of strongly acidic fluid contact with human skin cause strong irritating reaction. Multiple in limbs, head, neck and other exposed parts, characterized by strip, flake edematous erythema, erosion, necrosis, even consciously itching and burning sensation. Once happened to the focus, with physiological saline, soda water, such as shi fu, redness and swelling can use calamine lotion, oral allergy drugs. Severe reactions shall timely. < br /> to avoid insect damage, the right dress is very important. Long-sleeved clothes and trousers is a must, best jacket with hat, in case some little creatures parachuted into your collar. The color of the clothes is not too bright, especially the yellow and red, it is easy to attract insects. Light blue, light green is the right color, it is best to wear camouflage uniforms. Shoes should choose high help, because besides worms may also have a snake in the grass, and the easiest to the part of the snake's ankle.

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