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In the tip of outdoor away from physical strength overdraft

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
Time away from physical strength overdraft tip: in the outdoor camping goods - 2013 06 - 17 < br /> in recent years, many outdoor camping goods enthusiasts in the outdoor, the occurrence of accidents due to physical strength overdraft. For this kind of situation, foer sting summarizes some energy-saving method in outdoor projects, hope to be able to love outdoor camping goods friends. < br /> hiking: stride length smaller turtle step can make full use of our leg muscles of toughness, better save energy; Breathing, try to let your breathing and movement in rhythmic state, try to do every step of breathing; On the hill, greater use of muscle movement, as far as possible to reduce the burden of bones and joints; In the process of marching, reasonable arrangement of time to rest, and timely supplement energy, and can loosen the LACES, but must remember not to the front of the camp, don't take off shoes. < br /> mountaineering: before climbing, using 10 - 20 minutes to do some stretching muscle relax all your muscles as far as possible; Mountain climbing talk less, don't loud Shouting, reduce oxygen consumption, the use of eight type stepped outside, easy to let the heel important, can make the tendons feel more comfortable, reduce the body weight at the same time, the steps, not only will save energy; In the process of marching, don't always look high, easy to make the person produces a tension, general said it is advisable to keep the eye in his 35 metres ahead; When rest, reduce the number of times the sat down, should choose the trunk leans, alleviate the legs bears, relieve stress. When down the mountain to relax: the mountain must control his footsteps, cannot develop so fast, pay attention to the muscle relax knees, avoid have greater pressure on the leg joints. < br /> rock climbing: as a technical strong project, does not necessarily make you a strong masters, use energy saving action in order to prevent the arm swells fatigue and maximum rest in climbing, can let you wasted effort. Should determine the rest before climbing points, in addition to rest somewhere else is not allowed to pay powder and rest. As soon as possible through between two break points; On every hand point don't grasp more than 5 seconds, quickly through the abnormal dot; Change you as much as possible to grasp the method of point, the two grasp the point of action in the process of the hands and fingers to relax.

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