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In the outdoor cycling on different road conditions

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
Cycling of different road how to go on time in the outdoor: 2012 - 06 - 19 source: foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor skills about outdoor camping goods cycling breath, will certainly want to you see, this breathing, people alive is to, and have nothing to talk about, everyone born, but for knowledge of the breathing everyone really know how much, how to use reasonable way of breathing in and bike to enhance their own strength, to improve their physical condition after a long ride, when riding flat road breathing method is used to restore physical rest, it is to learn enough. < br /> I don't know you heard these words have no: medicine than to eat, eat less gas. But how to fill? It is specifically designed to practice the method of breathing. In the traditional guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, breathing can be divided into three types: thoracic breathing, abdominal breathing, tire. Attention look at ordinary times, found himself when breathing chest falling in thoracic breathing, you found no, just gave birth to the baby, and soon they can cry all day, and the loud sound, open clothes a look you can see them in falling belly, that is they are undergoing abdominal breathing, and tire demonstrated interest means just keep using the general method of pores to breathe. Of course I such a thing, 'she said very not tunnel, but the truth is like this. For us, to learn how to ride a bike when applying abdominal breathing is the most useful. I'll according to ride a bike in specific to each case. < br /> a, biking breathing < br /> often see you in front of the cyclists, didn't do any preparation to ride a bike with after go out, the results before long he said in a sports injury, knee pain, thigh muscle injury, breathing is wrong, exhale a chest pain, side stitches. Warming up in front of the bike I will dedicated to discuss, now talk about how to breathe before riding a bike. To keep your mouth shut, with nose deep breath, [ Tent] Until can't breathe in, and then open your mouth, will slowly pours out of gas, after finish vomit again closed his mouth, and then inhale deeply through the nose, then exhale, with the mouth do nine line connection, this is called nasal suction shout, attention must try to breathe in slowly expiratory, don't too fast. After nine times, reoccupy nose natural breathing several times to go, ride a bike and set off. < br /> 2, ride a flat road when breathing < br /> when riding flat road, should be tongue roll-up, top with palatal, closed his mouth, nose breathing, began to inhale should try to breathe, to feel in the abdomen contraction, exhale should try to vomit, to feel the abdomen outward. The beginning is not reluctantly, have this consciousness, wait to get accustomed to you will do, so breathing for a while, you will feel there is a lot of saliva in the mouth, this is the secretion of body fluid, swallow went, don't spit out, swallow and then on the top of the tongue palatal breathe through your nose. This is called and keeping. < br /> 3, riding uphill breathing < br /> when riding uphill, must pay attention to use good breath and, at the beginning of the uphill to breathe in deeply through your nose, mouth breath again, must try to breathe slowly, than to ride for a while and find shortness of breath is more and more, just use the nose breath, and then breathe out quickly with the mouth, must remember to breathe in through your nose, keep your mouth shut, don't use the mouth to breathe in, or very bad to the body. Mouth to breathe out quickly, if find shortness of breath is more and more, will be down to the cart, deep breath, breathe in deeply through your nose while cart a live, don't just lay motionless on the ground, like this very easy thing. < br /> < br /> in the outdoor cycling different road how to go on the label: outdoor camping goods, outdoor cycling, outdoor forward
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