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In the field to play the important role of intercom

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
The important role of play in the field of radio time: 2012 - 05 - Source: 31 foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: 1 outdoor knowledge. Walkie talkie is not used for entertainment in the field to play, used properly it can bring us great convenience and your security. Such as team organization, the transmission, contact with the base stations and foreign you shout for help when emergency contact and so on.
  2. Familiar with your intercom, give play to its biggest use. If you have a walkie-talkie, you must first understand its performance and operating instructions, etc. Instead of just transferred to and your teammates frequency points is finished. If you can meet some special cases transferred to or use frequency search function promptly get in touch with the outside world. Want to know that in the case of no mobile phone signal is very important, Unless you are with the maritime satellite phone) ! Is the last time we put the white encountered such a situation, arrive early camp teammates heard happening behind us, no radio contact us ( For two radios are behind) Travelers can hear after the Beijing team, the table with his hand quickly find my frequency points, help teammates get in contact with us, in front of and be ready to meet.
  3. Of the interphone to equipped with reasonable. Especially in complicated cases, it is very important, if only two radios for granted to be equipped with at the two ends of the team. There are three words, of course, that a match in the middle of the team. So we can ensure that every player when you meet the situation can be recently by a hand of a get in touch with the team. ( Tent] Of course people a better!
  4. Make sure your intercom to have sufficient power. Do not use or for a long period of time to chat, not far distance as far as possible use small power launch. So we can save electricity. Remember! Always have a backup battery is not as a last resort is not take out under the condition of use, it's like you are at the bottom of the bag there is always a piece of compressed biscuit is the same truth and not to eat it!
  5. Don't make your intercom span. Many imported models have to prevent the function of the span, after every hand machine set this function, any of them will automatically alarm prompt after a beyond the scope of communication. Back to the communication range, it also has voice prompt. This can also prevent team held up too long too scattered, avoid the occurring of once have something can not contact each other! < br /> above for you reference, is limited to the use of complex environment, if you are outing it don't have to! Later will communicate with common learning. < br /> < br /> in the field to play the important role of radio tags: wild, walkie-talkie, intercom function
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