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In outdoor sports trauma treatment

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
In outdoor sports trauma treatment time: 2011 - 09 - 16 < P> will inevitably be in time for outdoor camping goods sports trauma, mild bruises or usually don't need to go to the hospital, but do some appropriate treatment or very be necessary, so you can avoid infection or other complications. < / P> < P> stop bleeding generally within a few minutes. If a wound is larger, more bleeding can pressure with a clean soft cloth or bandage tightly wound, maintain twenty to thirty minutes. This time not to check whether the blood had stopped, so as not to damage or move of the formation of blood clots, make the wound began to bleed again. If failed to stop the bleeding, be about to go to professional medical department for treatment. < / P> < P> if trauma, which appears in the climb over the wound with dirt or something like that, first of all to use clean water to rinse the wound. Don't use soap and water, in order to prevent the stimulus wound. But you can use the towel to clean up the wound around is stained with soap and water. If there is still a clastic residues after cleaning, can be used by the alcohol sterilized tweezers to clean up. If still not remove residues, should go to hospital for treatment. Wound thoroughly clean up will reduce the possibility of tetanus infection. < / P> < P> after the wound is clean, can apply a thin layer of yunnan baiyao on wounds, prevent infection wound healing process more effective. If the wound is large, need to use a bandage necessary bandaging, prevent bacterial infection. < / P> < P> don't forget to change daily at least once in motion, chitin, sweating because the sport can make chitin, wet or dirty. If allergic to band-aid adhesives, medication or tape that can be replaced by excluding adhesive fixed sterile bandages, can also use the gauze bandage. These items are generally can be bought in pharmacies. < / P> < P> if a wound is deep into the skin, or the wound edge is not neat, and wound fat or muscle valgus, then need to closing a wound. The wound is small, only a thin line and needles can emergency suture. If you can't handle, should to hospital as soon as possible. Sewn up in a timely and effective manner, can greatly reduce the risk of wound infection. < / P> < P> the trip if found not heal the wound or appears erythema, the phenomenon such as discharging, fever, swelling, should go to a hospital treatment as soon as possible. If it is injured suggested that injection of tetanus vaccine. If a wound is deep or wound inside is dirty, should be within 48 hours after injury tetanus vaccine injections. < / P>
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