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In outdoor in the earthquake, how to save his life?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
In outdoor camping goods in the earthquake, how to save his life? Time: 2013 04 - 22 about the earthquake, the heart is unbearable tic: in recent years, natural disasters, and after the tangshan earthquake, wenchuan earthquake in 2008, the yushu earthquake in 2010, and two days ago just. . . all of ya 'an earthquake warning us: danger everywhere! We never know, tomorrow and accident which come first. Travelers like to travel, whether nervous, no longer travel? The answer is no. Foer sting to offer you some small strategies, let you encounter when earthquake in the outdoor camping goods, minimize risk! < br /> < br /> 1。 From the side of a mountain dangerous environment to avoid foot, a steep cliff, in case of landslides, the Rolling Stones, mud-rock flow, etc; 2. Avoid steep hills, cliff, in case of ground fissure, landslide, etc. 3. Avoid landslide, landslide, debris flow, landslide, landslide, going to run perpendicular to the rolling direction, must not run along the rolling direction down the hill; Can also hide under the strong obstacles, or squat down in the trench,; Especially to protect the head. 4. In situ choose open suspension: squat or lie prone, so as not to fall; Don't run away from crowds; To protect the head; Don't literally indoor. 5. Avoid hazards, tall, or hanging objects: transformer, telephone poles, etc. < br /> if being buried in the massive earthquake, as long as the sane, the body without the big trauma, the confidence of the firm should be rescued, protect yourself properly and actively implement the self-help. 一个。 As far as possible, clothing or other cloth with a wet towel to cover your mouth, nose and head, prevent the dust choking stuffy suffocation, can also be collapsed buildings to avoid further damage. b。 As far as possible activities hands, feet, remove dust on her face and the pressure in the body of the object. c。 Can move around with above items to support the body weight, to avoid further fall; Enlarge mobile space, maintain enough air. d。 A few people being buried at the same time, to encourage each other, plan together, the unity cooperation, escape action when necessary. e. Find and open channel, managed to escape from danger, moving towards have spacious bright safer place. f。 Temporarily unable to escape, want to try to save energy. If you can find a substitute and water, to use, plan to save try to prolong the survival time, waiting for rescue. g。 Save energy, do not blindly shouted for help. In the surrounding is very quiet, or hear ( Outside) Some activities, with rigid thing. no around, send messages to the outside world. When make sure someone nearby for help again.
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