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In outdoor activities that make you not weary way on foot

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
Let you don't weary way on foot in outdoor camping goods sports time: 2011 - 09 - 08 < P> may be some people think that walking in the mountains, with normal walking is the same, no difference. There is no difference between indeed. But when you armed to 3 ~ 4 hours later, the distance to the destination and a two mountains, then you can see the difference. Your leg muscles will protest to you, fatigue makes you slouch, sleepiness and produce the thirst of sleeping on the phenomenon of constant temptation to you, make you feel more and more long distance. < / P> < P> whether we have a way of never tired of walking in the mountains hiking? The answer for sure. As long as you can understand and grasp the following several kinds of methods, in the foot can let you save a lot of effort. < / P> < P> a: turtle step < / P> < P> in the process of the long walk, don't think that stalked the big step forward. In fact this is a wrong idea, to know the big stride is using explosive force of the leg muscles, it is limited after all. We need more of is a kind of stamina, not in all things. So pace smaller does not have a big impact. Toughness, they make full use of our leg muscles of protracted war is quite a way. < / P> < P> 2, blowing < / P> < P> to follow is to adjust our breathing, try to make your breathing and movement in rhythmic state. Continue to slow and not resting muscle movement, plus uniform smooth breathing. Simple said is almost every step breathing again. Marathon runners in the race can average every two ~ three steps for air again. < / P> < P> if we are not used to, also can force yourself to breathe, just blowing off. But beware, don't be too hard, or you'll injury of lungs and intercostals muscles. Breathe is a good way to keep the body energy. < / P> < P> 3, using the muscles < / P> < P> to make walking into rhythmic most natural aerobic exercise, on the hill, also want to try to use as the rhythm the movement of the muscles, as far as possible to reduce the burden of bones and joints. Especially in the downhill, especially those long-term decline, this is must be good at using the feet, make its can play the role of stop immediately. Because of its long downhill after the bone and joint is bad, might as well make muscles more would be better. < / P> < P> 4, rest supplement < / P> < P> there is on the way to reasonable arrangement of time to rest, and timely supplement energy. After each up quite a period of time or distance, to a rest properly. Rest when should absorb some sugar can be converted to energy and water immediately, make body replenished in time, in order to recover sooner. And can loosen the LACES, but must remember not to the front of the camp, don't take off shoes. Because in the long walk, my feet slightly, rest to take off the shoes, the road will only call you. < / P>
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