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In detail the difference between professional multi-worlds and ordinary tourists

by:Foerstine     2020-04-19
Detail the difference between professional multi-worlds and ordinary tourists time: 2011 - 09 - < P> professional multi-worlds is the donkey; Is the guest page ordinary tourists. < / P> < P> is a group of people and multi-worlds call; Refers to the kind of people and tourists. < / P> < P> also are playing outdoors, professional multi-worlds before travel will trouble to search for all kinds of information from the Internet, the best route, the fastest time, the most economic cost; And ordinary tourists will want to good where to go after again carefully compare between various travel agencies offer services. < / P> < P> professional multi-worlds and clearly know what they want, so have investment; Visitors often feel have to do is follow the tour guide, tour. < / P> < P> when travelers travel, generally has the very good environmental protection consciousness, know which can't be done; And visitors are often being conscious that they had no intention of general behavior will bring natural how much load. < / P> < P> general multi-worlds masochistic, they are not exclusive leisure; Tourists is the leisure, they often cannot accept tough trip. < / P> < P> the donkey line multi-worlds and thinking, what can I do for the team. And visitors want to more, I should be what kind of request. < / P> < P> travelers in long donkey line learned tolerance, learn to communicate with people, and the nature harmonious get along, so be optimistic face journey of a variety of conditions; Tourists tend to be out of the idea of one sort or another, stand out in the nature or the team, more is to complain. < / P> < P> multi-worlds and dinner at a restaurant, and it will be very carefully with the shop owner or a waiter to explore the characteristics of local food, kind and polite, because they know that is mutual respect between people; And tourists, tend to think that money has the time come out to play 'big ye', so they are always around, away spare no effort to attract attention and seriously looks funny. < / P> < P> for breathtaking changes or accidentally met, travelers will be very excited, will feel stimulation; And tourists, often fear and upset. < / P> < P> when travelers travel, will reasonably arrange rest time, don't waste a lot of time on the bed, because the scenery on the road a lot, missed it's too bad, so they will be energetic; Visitors are often very tired, in the car, scenic spots, between hotel and exhausted, back to the hotel will be fast asleep, after much more fragrant than at home. < / P> < P> multi-worlds not necessarily very rich, have a lot of time, so they will spend this different flowers in this place, they know it is very important to reasonable arrangement; But visitors often both money and leisure, so will a lot of time spent on waiting for each other. < / P> < P> multi-worlds and all have been to a lot of a lot of places, not only in their heart of hearts would like to have a 'donkey' title, deep feeling sometimes; Tourists often have been to many places, but not necessarily, in the heart after playing a big circle, the conclusion is: tired. < / P> < P> the multi-worlds aim has always been, from the nue I always pursue, luxury I never give up; Ideas, visitors are often eat good drink good fun. < / P> < P> multi-worlds returned, travel generally summed up the experience and the harvest; Visitors, will think in travel agencies and see you next time. < / P> < P> in fact, all is in order to play, is to look at the nature, is to oneself happy, so, as long as suitable for yourself, are both good. < / P>
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