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Ignition ways in the wild

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
Time to ignition ways: in the wild - 2011 09 - 29 a, matches: < P> < / P> < P> a match is the most convenient tool of ignition. Carry more marked with 'security', 'can be in any place with' tag matches, put them into a bundle in a waterproof container, prevent them from rubbing against each other, outside of spontaneous combustion, but also can prevent the match itself become wet. < / P> < P> 2, strike fire: < / P> < P> to find a hard stone to do 'flint,' on the back with a knife or small pieces of steel tapping down 'flint,' make the spark into the fire. A toothed edges hacksaw can produce more of the Mars than ordinary knife. When the fire starts to smoke, slowly blowing or fan, make it burst into flame. , of course, not any one stone can ignite the flame, the stone hit the spark must have certain heat and duration to be lit fires. < / P> < P> three, battery fire: < / P> < P> if you have a larger battery, the positive and negative poles meet in cutting wood at both ends of the pencil lead, immediately, will burn like electric stove wire red pencil lead. < / P> < P> if car trips, preferable two long wires, even in the battery positive and negative poles on the terminal. If there are no wires, can use two wrench or other metal tools instead of. Such as the conductor is not long enough, can remove the battery from the car. The ends of two wire slowly contact, a short circuit will produce sparks. At this point, the cloth with a piece of the petrol is the best one of fire. < / P> < P> 4, a bow drill fire: < / P> < P> with strong branches or bamboo tied up shoelaces, rope or belt, made a bow. On the bow tie up a piece of dry sticks, use it on a piece of hardwood rapid rotation. It will drill out of black powder, in the end, the powder will produce sparks, smoke lit fires. < / P> < P> 5, cane make fire: < / P> < P> to find the trunk of a piece of dry, split, and will crack open flame, use a about two feet long cane, wear behind the fire, the feet step on trunk, twitch cane around quickly, make the friction heat and the flame ignites. < / P> < P> 6, other methods: < / P> < P> in flat glass board friction, also produce hot temper. For friction when burning, the fire burning. < / P> < P> still can use two pieces of soft wood or bamboo, mutual friction force make the following pad with palm or coconut leaves, bark at the bottom of the dry content for the fire. Can also be a straight groove in a piece of cork on the bottom plane, and then use a spear hardwood cutting edge 'plough' line, before and after the first to produce fire, finally to ignite it. < / P> < P> is this article to tell more of these ways of ignition in outdoor camping goods activities, hope useful for newcomers. < / P>
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