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If the tent curtain rod bent this way can help you

by:Foerstine     2020-05-10
If the tent curtain rod bent this way can help you time: 2011 - 10 - Source: 28 tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> q: tent curtain rod to blow bent to how to get it straight? < / p> < p> a: the lever of the bent head on the wall, and then from the other side to fill sand, DunShi after filling, to open a snappy, in bend ( V or U) Gently with a wooden hammer ( Stick) Knock, not paragraph to tube filling sand, repeat the above steps, until the knock straight, the strength should be light. Knock straight rod after the wind strength is reduced, can search for a slightly rough pipe set here, increase the intensity. Such as rubber band connected to trouble when operating, but unload it again for the operation. < / p> < p> usually should be at the curtain rod bearing sets of aluminum or iron tubes, in order to increase strength. < / p> < p> so of glass fiber reinforced plastic heat blower straight or go to three, change the root, $5. < / p> < p> q: why do you want to fill sand? < / p> < p> a: the purpose is to prevent to add sand aluminum tube becomes flat, produce die bending, the stress of aluminium tube plug root of bicycle steel is also increase the strength of the solution. < / p>
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