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How to set up in the outdoor shelter

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
How to set up in the outdoor camping goods shelter time: 2012 - 03 - Source: 13 tents author: 1, roof tents outdoor knowledge: will the rope between two trees, or with carrying tools such as pillar, with a backpack belt connection, both ends fixed on the ground. Then square ponchos take on a rope or backpack belt, bottom pressure it tightly with rocks. Also can connect several pieces of ponchos, 4 ~ 8 people with big tent. This roof tent is suitable for all kinds of terrain. < br /> 2, side slope shape tent: this tent is suitable for the broken wall, the place such as LengKan erection. Erection, the ponchos one end fixed on the wall or LengKan, on the other end fixed on the ground, on both sides with branches, weeds, block the wind. Woodland erect, also can use fixed trees. < br /> winter pitch tents should be paid attention to: in regions with thin layers, should first to the erection site sweeps away the snow. In the falling snow deeper, if only temporarily reside, can need not cleaning the snow, but should look for compaction, planish, shape on the frozen ground in a isolation layer. If temporary not transfer, should dig a hole bury tents in the snow. In this way can better against the chill wind. When pitch tents in open ground, but the tent windward side wall, build a snow can block wind and easy to make a fire. < br /> how to set up in the outdoor camping goods shelter tags: outdoor, tents, shelter
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