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How to save energy when outdoor knowledge: outdoor travel

by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
How to save energy when outdoor camping goods knowledge: outdoor camping goods travel time: 2011 - 07 - 26 < P> recently and climbing, with some of the travelers on the way will find many travelers are not good at saving their energy, at the time of already very tired, on the one hand, is unable to upward, but also in the senseless waste of the short future that was left to their own strength, now I will my personal experience, some of the outdoor camping goods donkey line exchange the experience with you. < / P> < P> a, attention should be paid to speak less as far as possible. < / P> < P> speech is a very exhausting, speaking need to transfer the mouth and throat muscles, the muscles of the large area of lung muscle, and other organizations, but also need to invoke the blood from the heart of these muscles, more seriously, speak consumes the oxygen quantity is very large, almost all the lungs when we speak of oxygen was used to supply us talk on, and guide to our body blood oxygen levels drop rapidly. If it is loud Shouting, continuous to talk, take bigger fitness. So, travelers in the ass on the way to try to talk less, this is a very important way to save energy. < / P> < P> there is less talk, more observation, more experience, is a symbol of mature travelers. Is a good quality grade of the donkey. Some lay gushing, nonsense travelers is very annoying, because, listen to other people kept chattering in the ear, waste is also a very physical strength live, and lead to the mood will be very bad. So if it is not necessary, or best to don't talk as much as possible, lest hurt yourself. < / P> < P> 2, to reduce the number of times to sit down and rest < / P> < P> a lot of travelers at the time of upslope, a feeling tired after busy no fell to a bottom sat down to rest. And to want to go, already very tired legs, but also consume a lot of energy to the whole body and a backpack support again. And the rest of the way there are many kinds of, completely unnecessary all sat down to: < / P> < P> the first is to choose a sideways on the trunk, reducing weighing heavy on my legs, alleviate the pressure of the body. < / P> < P> the second is to choose the high place to sit down and sit with best hip height difference smaller slope, stones to rest, don't have to spend a lot of energy when I was got up and walked to lift your body weight. < / P> < P> the third is to use the donkey line dedicated rest method: support to the waist, hands on the knees bend waist to bridge into balance, back, let the backpack smoothly on the back, legs slightly bent, facing the direction of the uphill, relax your torso, can let your shoulders reduce weight feeling, alleviate the pressure of top-down of the backbone, quickly relieve fatigue, restore physical strength. Start, don't lift the upper body quickly, but in the process of line up, slowly recovering trunk to its normal position. < / P> < P> 4 it is to take a deep breath and slow down the pace, slow until don't feel hard, to rest scattered in each step, to reduce the number of times to rest. Five is < / P> < P> if you sit down to rest, try to walk to the front is smooth road place to sit down, and don't immediately after the break into the high place to rest. Otherwise after a rest, heart and muscles are in a state of calm, suddenly need great physical, can lead to dangerous, also a waste of energy. < / P> < P> 6 is a small step, a shuffle. Step can save some energy, and the mountain, not to lift his feet high, slightly a little mop the floor, so long as does not affect to walk and security, it can save energy, pay attention to these small place, a habit, can save a lot of energy. < / P> < P> is the tower of seven, usable hand help to lift up your leg, and then according to the knee with the hand up the body. There are many roads in the mountains, suddenly will need to climb to a kaolinite, if this time is very tired, don't to fully use the power of the leg up the body, because of leg in the process of the mountain has never stopped using, muscle at the time of extreme fatigue will be a little spasm, ineffective, so the onset of undertake collocation is the best, can save a lot of energy, and ensure safety. < / P> < P> three, do deep breathing method < / P> < P> a lot of travelers at the time of upslope shortness of breath shallow thick, no laws, it will be more and more tired. Up the hill, keep walking and breathing rhythm, appropriate deliberately to control the habits of the state. With steep one step one step a suction, as far as possible when fatigue deepening breathing, intends to slow down slightly, fitness with breathing distribution uniformity. Shortness of breath is the waste of lung muscle movement. The same amount of exercise can't absorb enough oxygen, travelers should pay attention to. < / P> < P> good steps and breathing rhythm, can insist on walking without having to stop to rest a few hours, and do not feel tired. < / P> < P> 5 and up the hill to cut down the center of gravity < / P> < P> the physics is easy to understand, low center of gravity, steps, not only can save energy. Such as a man of small stature, mountain than tall people to save energy. Upper body slightly forward to a right Angle, let gravity help you mountain climbing. If it is a steep slope, the best hands, so that will be very easy, the slope in front of the right to make up for the length of the arm, make the person can walk like beasts limbs, this is one of the very ways to save energy. Have equipment can use stick to achieve this effect. < / P>
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