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How to receive down sleeping bag quickly

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
As is known to all, down camping sleeping bag warmth retention property is existing types in one of the strongest. So following Gao Shanyuan water or travel in the spring and winter travelers always thought of it. But as a result of down sleeping bag material is filled by duck down, so would be easy not to receive, and fold also needs to have certain skills. So, the wilderness outdoor camping goods down sleeping bag folding skills to say. In the outdoor camping after waking up, let down sleeping bag air is released in full, this is not only beneficial to fold when not bloated, but also for maintenance down camping sleeping bag also played a role. Confirm down camping sleeping bag air dry, put it flat pallet on the ground, and then by the tail fold up. Two hands grabbed both sides respectively, synchronous slowly along the former part of the sleeping bag to put forward. It tightly rolled from the start, or volume to come, but more and more drum. To the head, the volume down pressure a sleeping bag with both hands, and then put the bag on the belt fastened. To put it in the bag, or it is placed in the top of the bag. It is best to use the bag first, it is not easily affected by environmental climate, will not damage its scale. Through the three steps, a huge down sleeping bags, became our backpack on a small bundle of quilt. This way of folding, can save the biggest receive a space. After all, when we trek outdoors outdoor camping goods equipment and volume of the weight, the less the better.
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