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How to put the full play to the performance of tent?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
How to put the full play to the performance of tent? Time: 2011 11 - Source: 08 tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> our outdoor camping goods tent up one thing, it is very simple, for the first time may have some new qie, it's very easy with a few times more, and anyway, almost went, if in general there is no wind no rain camping on the environment difference is not big, but real good put my tent, tent set up in a harsh environment requirements will improve a lot. < / p> < p> a, maintain full, steady. < / p> < p> choose good place, stay outside, hanging inside account, hit the nail, ok, simple! ! ! ! < / p> < p> should pay attention to the details, try to hold the account in full - hang up, outside the tent door curtain cord in place and then try to widen the tents, four angles to pull as far as possible, and then hit the nail - the nail must be very tight, solid and stable, the nail is very tight on the underground, pull open curtain, after this is felt, door curtain zip fastening, stretched very flat, from the tents of the four edges of any point of view is stretched very tight, I think this is about, of course, if the wind rope, windy place also will be very strong bundle in the tree or hit the nail on the ground. < / p> < p> why so tight, so hard? In to see you know, into account, look around, should be in the account and the account is about 5 ~ 10 cm distance, also not easy to come into contact with, the account everywhere is very flat, no huddle, only in this way can guarantee the biggest comfort, if it rains, or condensation - because of temperature difference, actually it's raining outside account internal condensation, condensation of a small amount of water will flow down along the outside account, imagine if the account is not tight, loose, fluttering in the wind, even that this account within the condensate will stick to the inside account - too much friend didn't pay attention to this point, a look inside the wet, fail tent, ha ha < / p> < p> 2, ground nailed < / p> < p> if the tent is very good, but iron nails is too bad, with a few people, have such bend to nail! 吗? How pressure is not enough, also with a brick stone, the results under the soil there is a small stones, best nail is bent, very not easy to hit, that simply unable to ground, dangling. < / p> < p> the old donkey actually all know, good nail is indeed a big tent fill pill! < / p> < p> three, mat < / p> < p> in the same way, new donkey tent usually don't buy this stuff, but people often go out, usually have a tent floor MATS, it is strongly recommended that whether it is a base of PE, PU or nylon fabric style, and all the best with a tent floor MATS, can say as tents and aluminum alloy nail two best partner, is not only a considerable extent to protect a base of the tent, tent mat is waterproof, but also more clean, province tent foundation is dirty, so just dirty tent floor MATS, after clean the bottom surface of tent floor MATS with respect to ok < / p> < p> again, where the surface is not flat, multiple mat also greatly enhance the comfort of sleep in a tent, how pad with a layer of after all! < / p> < p> 4, aluminum alloy rod < / p> < p> there's no need to introduce more? ! Than fiberglass rod went there don't know either, intensity, weight, toughness, determines the choice of senior tent without exception the aluminium alloy rod, not 7 series aluminum about ESTEN rod, and said the most simple ordinary noise, or color matching of the aluminium alloy rod is super good! < / p>
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