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How to prevent lightning weather tent being struck by lightning

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
How to prevent lightning weather tent being struck by lightning time: 2011 - 11 - 01 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> the choice of lightning first according to the height of the conductor, and between several conductors, it hits the highest. In addition, because of the thunder and lightning usually on a rainy day, regardless of the glass rod or aluminum rod, tent fabric for wet water as a conductor. So in to attract lightning, more is determined by the height not curtain rod materials. < / p> < p> lightning damage mainly from two aspects: one is direct split, 2 is a high voltage electric arc. To avoid direct split, the simple principle is not to become this area is high, stand out the most easy to split. And arc, it is lightning caused by high pressure air discharge phenomenon, after hitting an object, will flash arc near the object, cause harm. < / p> < p> as a result, while not be high, also should avoid close to high camp, otherwise will be hit by arc. So the ideal way is to choose the bottom topography and vegetation height overall, with tall plant or construction and keep a certain distance camping sites. < / p> < p> theoretically, glass rod because its not conductive, and can't play the role of sharing through the body's current, whereas aluminum rod as a parallel conductors, helps the body to bear part of the current. Such cases in history, was struck by lightning because the clothes are all wet become conductive and survived. < / p> < p> so, the wet tents, tent pole is conductive, the smaller the damage after being shot. But it could not avoid the huge damage caused by high voltage arc, so once hit, are extremely dangerous. In the lightning, can be divided into two conditions: < / p> < p> 1, glass and aluminum rod which is more lead thunder. If you ignore the actual usage, aluminum rod ray does more. But in fact, due to the rainy weather tent whole has become a conductor, and curtain rod is usually not exposed outside the tent, so this is not a big difference. A bolt from the blue or a large number of metal bar, of course, the outer tent is beyond the scope of consideration. < / p> < p> 2, if hit, glass and aluminum rod which is more likely to avoid harm. < / p> < p> this question can look like this: < / p> < p> A, we're talking about lightning tents rather than A direct hit the human body, there is no aluminum rod direct contact with the human body, so with this situation met wire rod dead are completely different. < / p> < p> B, lightning hit a tent is not directly, at this point is not to avoid current directly through the human body harm but arc and high temperature. So the action of the similar principle of rubber shoes is not in this case. < / p> < p> C, lightning huge energy needs must transform, through the conductor into the ground, produce arc, producing high temperature is the process that may occur. < / p> < p> however, select the appropriate camp to avoid lightning strike is the right way. And aluminum rod tent, it is theoretically a safer choice. When lightning is very strong and there is no suitable terrain, you can even use sticks or tent pole to pull the longest, inserted on the ground of about 10 meters away from the tent, and they huddled in the absence of curtain rod tent. < / p> < p> so conclusions have some like this: < / p> < p> 1, if it is rainy day thunder, aluminum rod is no more dangerous than glass rod, also may be more security. Because no matter what will become the conductor rod tents, so focus on who can better digest after lightning current. < / p> < p> 2. If it is a bolt of thunder, aluminum rod is more dangerous. Because at this time only aluminum rod tent to attract lightning. < / p> < p> 3, choose the curtain rod only minor lightning protection measures, the real key, is to grasp the campsite selection of the basic principles and lightning prevention measures. < / p>
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