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How to forecast the weather outside

by:Foerstine     2020-05-12
How to forecast weather when outdoor time: 2012 - 03 - Source: 14 tent author: outdoor camping goods knowledge astrologers: < br /> as the saying goes: 'cloud is weather signs'. The cloud in the west, if from far and near, from less to more, by doing low, from thin to thick, then marks the prelude to turn overcast and rainy weather will be sunny. During warm in the morning, the sky appeared such as bottom, top, isolated cloud, commonly known as 'steamed bread cloud' ( Light cumulus clouds) , or moving speed faster white cumulus clouds, sunny weather. If the cotton wool shape cloud in the sky in the morning, the weather is likely to deteriorate, developed into the thunderstorm days or wind rain day. When you see like ', 'hook cloud from the sky, means that it will rain, the so-called' hook hook streaming sex '. Didn't appear designed in cloud or thick clouds, intersection, sunset the sun disc presents a carmine, showed that coming rain or pay for the bad weather. If the 7 o 'clock in the morning rain, is likely to stop before 11 o 'clock in the morning. < br /> see northwest cloud burst in rainy day, commonly known as 'kaitian lock', suggests that the weather will get better. Cloud cover to the top of the hill known as 'mountain' in cap. Cloud around hillside called 'middle' cloud. The former trillion rain and the latter the main sunny day. < br /> such as: 'sunrise colors don't go out, sunset line thousands of miles'. 'Rain rainbow rainbow sunrise, the east side to the west'; 'Frost ( Dew, fog) See the sunny days '; 'People sick, huang day Huang Youfeng'; 'Thunder sky, heavy rain the sky; Thunder zenith, rain is not malicious. ' < br /> see spider: < br /> sunny afternoon, the spider if a large number of netting, [ Tent] In a second day in the future there will be rain. Strong network knot, wind and rain is bigger, on the other hand, is small. It is supposed to clear up after netting means. < br /> see earthworms: < br /> if the earthworm was unearthed in spring and summer to climb, often have heavy rain coming. < br /> view fish: < br /> the summer evening, if there are fish in fish ponds and water to the phenomenon of 'diving', indicated that there will be a thunder shower. < br /> view the frog: < br /> the weather will turn more, the air humidity is bigger, the frog skin more moist, frogs, smaller frequency is low. Wind and rain in the future, more can't hear croak. But when sunny day, the frog cries loud and clear. < br /> the chickens and ducks: < br /> chicken to nest, early the next day is usually sunny days. On the other hand, when it's getting dark into the cage, the weather will turn bad. Duck and chicken, in contrast, the performance of the duck is like water animals, duck into the cage, mean that the weather will turn for the worse; Whereas the next day is a sunny day. < br /> < br /> how to forecast weather tags: when outdoor camping goods outdoors, weather, forecasting meteorological < br />
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