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How to eliminate the fatigue after exercise

by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
How to eliminate the fatigue after exercise time: 2011 - 08 - 22 < P> a lot of people will have muscle distention after vigorous exercise, joint pain, mental fatigue feeling. As soon as possible in order to relieve fatigue, and buy some chicken, meat, fish, eggs and other big meal, think that you can supplement nutrition, in fact, at this time to eat these foods not only unfavorable to relieve fatigue, but will have a bad effect to the body. < / P> < P> food can be divided into acidic food and alkaline food. Judge food acid and alkaline, not according to our sense of taste, is not according to the food chemical dissolve in the water, but according to the generated after food enters the human body the ultimate metabolites of acid and alkaline. Acidic food usually contains rich protein, fat and sugar, containing elements into acid is more, the acid is formed after the body metabolism, can reduce the blood, the body's PH value; Such as vegetable, fruit contains the elements such as K, Na, Ca, Mg, metabolic generated after alkaline substances in the body, can prevent blood change to acid. So, acidic fruit for alkaline food rather than acidic food chicken, egg, fish, meat, sugar, but it is not acid acid food such as taste. < / P> < P> a British pathologist after long-term research pointed out that only the fluid is weak alkaline, to protect human health. Normal weakly alkaline fluids. People feel muscles, joints, acid bilges after fitness and mental fatigue, its main reason is that the body is broken down by a lot of sugar, fat, protein, produced in the process of decomposition of lactic acid, phosphoric acid, the acid stimulate human body tissues and organs, make the person feels muscles, joints, acid bilges and mental fatigue, < / P> < P> at this point if pure edible meat, rich in acidic egg, fish, etc. , can make more acidic fluids, is not conducive to the lifting of fatigue, and like to eat vegetables, sweet potatoes, citrus and apple fruits, thanks to their base, general acid can eliminate excess body, reduce the acidity of urine, increase the solubility of uric acid reduces the likelihood of acid formed in the bladder calculi. < / P> < P> so, after the exercise, should eat more alkaline food, such as fruits, vegetables, soy products, etc. , in order to keep the body basic balance ph value, keep the body healthy, avoid the fatigue caused by sports as soon as possible. < / P>
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