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How to correctly understand the outdoor sports

by:Foerstine     2020-05-10
How to correct understanding of outdoor sports time: 2011 - 09 - 01 < P> recently held in Beijing the first conference of outdoor sports, harvest a lot. We discussed at the meeting the public how to understand the problem of outdoor sports. < / P> < P> China's outdoor sports field is currently actively carried out, after the high speed development of recent years, in large and medium-sized cities, more and more young people and older people have love in the outdoor sports. But because outdoor sports in the early stage of development, various aspects are still not too standard, which leads to the public understanding of outdoor sports into a myth. Doing nomads outdoor activity club this more than a year, I felt the correct understanding of general outdoor sports is a very important thing. < / P> < P> here are my personal understanding of outdoor sports to make a discuss with you friends! If there are any shortcomings, also hope that we can warm involved in the discussion and comment. < / P> < P> a: the definition of outdoor sports < / P> < P> it is hard to 'outdoor sports' to a clear definition, because outdoor sports is a very broad field, has a complex categories and the various levels of technical requirements. Here I try to give a definition - - - - - - - - - - - - - sports: all in the outdoors for the purpose of fitness, leisure, entertainment, sports. < / P> < P> through all of these forms of outdoor sports, will be active, healthy, happy, real, natural way of life and the idea spread to the public, which is engaged in outdoor sports of all kinds of the pursuit of the ultimate goal of organizations, groups and institutions. < / P> < P> 2: outdoor sports is not equal to self-help travel < / P> < P> accurately, the form of self-help travel can only as a way of outdoor sports. sports is closer to the sports category. Due to domestic understanding of the outdoor sports initially comes from the bags in the form of self-service travel abroad, so a lot of people's understanding of outdoor sports one-sided for self-help travel. And to devote themselves to the outdoor sports clubs and organizations understood as a travel agency. Actually the outdoors both from the aspects of scope, nature and technical requirements of a much bigger than self-help tourism, more serious is much higher. < / P> < P> 3: outdoor sports is not a few expedition behavior < / P> < P> due to the media and the public's attention, mountaineering, exploration has become one of the highlights of the outdoors and focus in public. As a result, a lot of people, the concept of outdoor sports is to climb mountains, to the polar expeditions, etc. ' sports' has become a lofty term, became a minority of people like the individual behavior. < / P> < P> in fact, as previously discussed the difference between the outdoor sports and self-help tourism, there are also the same relationship between the two. sports is a broad concept, it contains various forms, various levels of project. Outdoors, blend in nature, exercise, purify the mind, every one of us, as long as willing to can choose such a way of life and life concept. < / P> < P> engaged in outdoor sports club should put more popular outdoor sports as its goal, is committed to bringing outdoor this spirit and the way to more people. < / P> < P> 4: the risk of outdoor sports < / P> < P> outdoor sports existence risk, this is undoubtedly. But the outdoors is not imagined so dangerous. This data can be according to each respects. Risk of outdoor sports by certain events and media reports emerged, have caused a lot of people who don't understand one psychological fear, and instinctively produce resistance to outdoor sports. < / P> < P> of course for outdoor sports, each participating people should keep a sober understanding of reason, not blind, but also can't because also choked to waste food. Media and various organizations, and institutions engaged in outdoor camping goods sports should be more in security, public safety awareness and skills at the same time actively develop and promote the outdoors. Let this positive and healthy lifestyle accepted by more people. < / P>
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