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by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
Sleeping bags mainly depends on an insulating layer caused by the expansion of the barrier layer filling stagnant air layer, cold air to isolate the outside world and the human body heat convection to maintain their body temperature effect a, consider your plan activity types in general, a sleeping bag is usually one of the most volume of equipment on the backpack, so as far as possible choose the lightest weight, most does not occupy a space volume of the camping sleeping bag. Advice can reference 1, according to the following direction you want to explore the outdoors site 2, will encounter weather patterns, and may the temperature range of 3, a year the number of times the amount of activity and time distribution of 2, select the appropriate scope of warm when choosing a warm range for the sleeping bag can follow the following some basic steps to estimate the range of likely to suffer from night temperature. Subtropical Taiwan while the average temperature is not too low, but if considering the weather conditions, Humidity, wind chill effect) , factors such as seasonal difference and the elevation height, the temperature range could be very volatile. According to the different physical conditions of personal or wear don't wear clothes sleeping habits factors such as slightly adjust the suitable temperature range. To estimate the temperature range of combined companies listed on the set value is generally form a so-called 'suitable temperature range of criteria, and could be selected in accordance with this as the main reference sleeping bag. Start camping sleeping bag zipper heat dissipation is far more than the night in the middle of the night clothes to keep warm heating comes easily and quickly, so the thermal range should be selected to allow the minimum temperature for reference. Three, insulation filling material analysis and discussion of the sleeping bag inside the insulation of the filling material determines the weight of most of a sleeping bag and inside the backpack occupied space volume, at the same time, the type of insulation filling material affect the life of the sleeping bag fixed number of year, the following is the widespread use of the different types of insulation filling material to explore natural insulation ( Feathers or down) Advantage: all of the available material in the light quality ( Limited to high quality feather) , warm the most efficient, the service life of the longest and compressibility is very good! Weakness: when dry, wet is not warm, not easily in the humid environment or the monsoon period does not apply. High quality feather prices very high four, choose the sleeping bag of exterior appearance affect sleep comfort, whether to keep warm and take up inside the backpack 1 volume, type ( Mummy form) Type according to the shape design of human body sleeping bag can achieve the best effect of heat preservation, slender legs and broad shoulders, head usually all covered only leave a face vent to minimize the possibility of heat loss, usually more designed for winter climbing or high altitude polar expedition sleeping bags advantages: formfitting clipping heat preservation effect best, at the same time also can reduce unnecessary redundant space and save weight, the head also has the best heat preservation effect weakness: the cramped narrow space is unable to extend, uncomfortable pressure 2, rectangle design for warm weather patterns or ordinary camping sleeping bag, a large volume, good ventilated permeability. Most zipper can be used fully expanded into a quilt, some manufacturers have different zipper design into left and right side can be articulated a big double sleeping bag advantages: have a comfortable spacious interior space in the rolling, multi-purpose, camping home two fitting for faults: cold efficiency is not high the sleeping bag, especially the lack of a semicircle head of protect the head, the weight and volume of occupy more useless five, observe the camping sleeping bag is equipped with the most advanced design of the sleeping bag have some special equipped with in order to improve the thermal efficiency or improve sleep comfort. Semicircle head: according to the general statistics, the body's heat nearly four percent, more than 50 by the head loss, the design aims at head warm, usually covering all head and mouth and nose ventilation convergent, leaving your face will attach a drawstring to adjust the convergent size neck brace: inside the sleeping bag near the shoulders, neck a contraction isolation layer can block the body heat from here is lost, this kind of design for more winter climbing or polar sleeping bag zipper isolation tube: along the main zipper bag of tubular spacer, tube filled with block air insulation ( Such as feathers or synthetic fiber) , the role is to avoid the body heat loss since the zipper the joint. manufacturer to tell you what: origin of sleeping bag manufacturer to introduce you to relevant tags: sleeping bags, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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