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How to cleaning and maintenance of the sleeping bag

by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
Sleeping bags in name only, just know is dedicated to the sleeping bag, it is not just for sleeping bags, and the technique index is also a very scientific content, indicators such as temperature, degree of comfort and so on, because of its convenience and also conducive to carry, so has been a lot of tourist crowd the necessary supplies, so sleeping bag and clothes should be how to cleaning? Many experts suggest that cleaned once every four years. First, use neutral detergent or special cleaning camping sleeping bag of detergent to wash, do not use strong detergent, or bleach to clean, such stimulus to human skin. Second, in cleaning the camping sleeping bag before you put in water soak for a while, and then gently brush with a toothbrush head and neck, such as easy to dirty parts. And then put the bag in clean water and clean the various cleaning fluid is rinsed clean. Third, it is important to note that not using turbine machine to clean, but you can use use superposed platen washing machine to clean.
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