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How to clean _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor down sleeping bag

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
Although sleeping bag can be cleaned, but neither cotton camping sleeping bag or down, cleaning will reduce its use indicators, especially improper cleaning method, may mess up your sleeping bag is a mess. A sleeping bag is not as long as you can't be used for cleaning method is not correct for it is a pity, a sleeping bag under the expert will give you details of the said down sleeping bag how to carry out special maintenance to use longer. Use a sleeping bag, the most vulnerable place is the head, some sleeping bags to reduce the number of washing times, activities under the head is equipped with a detachable liner, use a period, remove the wash is ok. Without this liner, might as well use a cap set when sleeping bag, can get the same fruit. Down sleeping bag how to cleaning? 1, please use neutral detergent or dedicated sleeping bag detergent to wash, do not use strong detergent, bleach and clothing fabric softener, it will destroy the feather structure, reduce the volume 2, soak cleaning before sleeping bags can be for short periods of time, with a soft brush gently brush net head, collar, steps such as easy to dirty parts available superposed platen washing machine machine 3, sleeping bags, but cannot use on turbine buy a washing machine. Machine wash before pull sleeping bag outer, all zipper and button by mouth. Washing machine select warm water and mild mode, do not use the function of dry, strong centrifugal force will damage the sleeping bag 4 fabric and lining, please thoroughly washing clean detergent and soap bubble it 5, is clean, no sleeping bags from side picked up, and sleeping bags from the bottom to the pick up, otherwise it will damage the sleeping bag fabric and lined with 6, transition can be damaged by frequent washing medium of warm sleeping bag down, so on the premise of keeping clean, please try to reduce washing times
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