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How to choose to suit oneself dampproof mat

by:Foerstine     2020-05-09
How to choose suits own dampproof mat time: 2011 - 08 - 12 < P> there are outdoor camping goods camping experience should know, dampproof mat is an necessary equipment in an outdoor activity, its importance as a sleeping bag. Dampproof mat can not only alleviate the discomfort caused by sleeping in the uneven ground, but more important is the feeling of cold can cut off the surface of the earth! Even in summer, the temperature of the earth's surface will be lower than the air temperature, when we are in contact with the surface of the earth, the heat conduction effect our skin will be brought to the ground, cause skin to lose energy and produce the feeling of cold, < / P> < P> so we need dampproof mat to help us do the work, will not result in loss of temperature because of the loss of energy. Isolation principle of dampproof mat like we use sleeping bags and warm clothes, all is the use of a layer of isolation layer flow of air to make it, hardly block outside low temperature. Isolation effect according to the use of the material use of air layer and air layer of liquidity but have different. < / P> < P> to consider the purpose of dampproof mat there are four factors can provide reference: comfort, insulated, using the size and durability. Choosing dampproof mat factors to decide which one is the most important, next is according to you the most important factors to choose a suitable dampproof mat. According to the use of dampproof mat, we can choose suitable for need of dampproof mat by the following factors: < / P> < P> a, weather factors: if the weather is very stable, there would be no emergence of low temperature, and the comfort requirements should be insulated than sex to important, if you can't grasp the weather change, choose high insulated dampproof mat is a safe choice. < / P> < P> 2, resting comfort: some people just sleeping when a mat mat went, don't care much about comfort of a dampproof mat, is a natural choice is cheaper, lighter, dampproof mat; If there is a considerable comfort requirements dampproof mat, nature will spend some budget to buy more expensive dampproof mat! < / P> < P> weight: a comfortable dampproof mat usually thickness is thicker, the weight is heavy, if you want to engage in long-range longitudinal walking or hiking, is bound to the weight of the dampproof mat is one of the important factors to consider; If only for a day or two, who care! < / P> < P> 4, volume: the volume of a dampproof mat had better not too big, especially the backpack to accommodate space is running; If you are driving around, when you don't see it! < / P> < P> air cushion: basic benefits, inflatable air dampproof mat is comfortable enough, can adjust the volume, and is not expensive. The downside is that the weight is not light, is not convenient to carry, and easily punctured, the air layer inside high liquidity and isolation effect is poor! < / P> < P> open foaming dampproof mat, is usually made by the expansion of poly ethylene urine, there are many small air chamber can allow outside air to enter, formation of isolation layer. It has the advantage of comfort, light weight, and the price is not expensive; Inside the chamber is restricting the flow of air, can achieve a good isolation effect. Defect is attracts, once encounter water will not be able to use; Volume is big, not easy compression, use inconvenient, and isolation effect is not enclosed foam dampproof mat. < / P> < P> enclosed foam dampproof mat, internal contain lots of small chamber closed foam dampproof mat, is divided into foam dampproof mat, foil on common market only the dampproof mat, folding dampproof mat advantage is cheap, high durability, even if be crampons stepped on, the same can be used; Excellent quality and reasonable price, the isolation effect of not bibulous. The disadvantage is that there is a certain weight, the thickness of the mat is thinner than open dampproof mat [so choose relatively thick, sleep up more comfortable]. < / P> < P> automatic inflatable dampproof mat: the internal foam is an open dampproof mat, outer plus the tightly, waterproof nylon fabric, at the same time in the corner is equipped with a pneumatic valve for air circulation advantage is as good as comfortable with open foaming dampproof mat, but insulated more superior to 'open', through the pneumatic valve can adjust the size of dampproof mat, and very solid, at any time to maintain a certain thickness. The disadvantage is that the price expensive; Easily punctured or tear; It is heavier in weight. < / P>
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