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How to choose the appropriate outdoor sleeping bags - Nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
You will travel regional environment? You usually travel in what season? You may face climate conditions? Step 2: choose warm degrees ( Comfort) Estimate you will be camping at what temperature conditions. The numerical although different will change with the seasons, climate, but for the most part, said the general travel lovers sleep condition 7 degrees centigrade below zero to plus seven degrees Celsius. According to your personal preference and you may face specific circumstances make appropriate adjustments to the forecast the temperature. According to the adjusted temperature values, reference manufacturers provide warm degrees ( Comfort) Choose sleeping bag. Note: due to the manufacturer's standard not unified, so manufacturers to provide numerical value is only a reference, rather than absolute applicable in all cases. Step 3: considering insulating layer material sleeping bags used in insulating layer made of what materials, to a great extent, determine the weight of the sleeping bag, volume, compressibility, and durability. Today, used as a sleeping bag insulating layer of material basically has the following two categories: natural materials ( More down) The stand or fall of this kind of material is generally ( Grey, white) Goose down or duck down ( In general goose down is superior to duck down) Used, its performance depends on the type of feather and awning loose degree. In fact, feather performance so far is still the best sleeping bag insulating materials. Synthetic materials in recent years, synthetic sleeping bag insulating material emerge in endlessly. Many advanced synthetic materials are widely used in insulation layer of sleeping bag. Most of these materials are some of the synthetic fiber, hollow compared with ordinary chemical fiber cotton, much better in quality and heat preservation. However, it is important to note that although many man-made fiber manufacturers announced their own material in performance than down, but in fact is not the case. Step 4: choose the sleeping bag in the shape of a common shape and their respective advantages and disadvantages have been described in detail in the camping sleeping bag above classification, readers can refer to. Step 5: choose the right of the length of the sleeping bag length there are generally two kinds of standards: 1 is suitable for height. The 'standard (under 80 m 常规) 1 'and is suitable for the height. The 'extended under 95 m ( 长) ”。 In addition, some sleeping bags manufacturer can also provide specialist ( 额外的, 长) 'sleeping bags, designed for women of the sleeping bag and a specially designed for children. In general, for Asian people, mostly for the 'standard' the length of the sleeping bag. In addition, you when choosing a sleeping bag, in addition to pay attention to some basic factors ( Such as: the purpose of the sleeping bag, warm, filling materials, shape, length, etc. ) Outside, you also need to research from some of the subtleties on eyes you are about to buy sleeping bag. To sum up, many different kinds of bag, but like to choose other outdoor camping goods sports equipment, is not the most expensive is the best, only to be able to best meet your needs, and can match you in outdoor camping goods sports is your best choice.
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