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by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
In how to choose and buy outdoor camping sleeping bag of introduction, let everybody understand the some unknown problems or knowledge, but to 'nanjing Foerstine outdoor supplies company in the industry everyone is strange, today we'll learn about: sleeping bag is one of the indispensable equipment outdoor camping goods sleep, many varieties on the market, price six to one, it is often a mystery. Now let's from three aspects: shape, materials to discuss what you really need the sleeping bags: 1, appearance here said the appearance of the sleeping bag including the shape of the sleeping bag and the individuality design. Because the modelling of sleeping bags is not complicated, almost only two. One is a mommy type, type is a kind of envelope. Mummy mummy's really mean. So a lot of professional direct call mummy sleeping bag. Now of course there are also some boundary in between, it also belongs to the variation of the type of mommy. 2 materials, materials are the main reason for the sleeping bag price. Fabrics decided to sleeping bag durability, comfort, and the heat preservation function of the filler was sleeping bag. 3, filler filler is generally divided into two kinds, one kind is fiber of choose and buy, and how to choose and buy of outdoor sleeping bag that we called cotton material. The other is a feather. Relevant article recommended: to choose and buy our well-known first according to their own conditions to buy suits own, also our camping sleeping bag, then we when camping sleeping bag of choose and buy should pay attention to what? 1, choose according to his figure sleeping bags: too small camping sleeping bag will be too tight, can not turn, uncomfortable. Too much of a sleeping bag inside the empty, affect the warmth retention property. Scale: 2, pay attention to the sleeping bags have been, sleeping bag choosing the primary data is the scale of the scale of general method: there are three points a, with two temperature, under normal circumstances, is the limit of the sleeping bag scale and the highest scale ( Or extreme scale and comfortable temperature scale) 。 The highest scale generally refers to the normal use under the temperature will be too hot. B, mark three temperature, the limit temperature scale, comfortable temperature scale and the highest temperature scale. C, with a temperature only, as is often the case, the scale is the limit of the sleeping bag temperature scale. 'How to choose and buy outdoor sleeping bags' described in the content, it is our small make up carefully prepared for you, do you remember in the last said what? Some of these are probably not comprehensive, we will be in a future article suggests one by one to you
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