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How to choose and buy down sleeping bag? What is a good cloth with soft nap down sleeping bag? _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
Down sleeping bag is indispensable for outdoors in winter to keep warm, but down the inside of the bag there are many kinds of cashmere, and so be sure to ask when buy down sleeping bag, so how to choose and buy down sleeping bag? What is a good cloth with soft nap down camping sleeping bag? Travelers buy sleeping bag in the winter time to consider the factors also more and more, should not only to keep warm, warm and easy to clean, to keep out the cold, down sleeping bag and picnic mat became the preferred multi-worlds, so how to choose down sleeping bag? What is a good cloth with soft nap down sleeping bag? Today teach you winter feather sleeping bag of choose and buy of a few action skills, let you beautiful warm outdoor camping goods camping. First: to see the fabric down sleeping bag sleeping bag should have down-proof fabric, windproof and breathable performance, especially in case the cloth with soft nap is crucial. Down-proof performance is good or bad, depending on the yarn density of the fabric used. Sales of feather on the market at present is given priority to with nylon taffeta and TC cloth, the average density of the yarn count is more than 230 t, 250 t is the best, under 230 t is hard to ensure that nothing more than fluff. When identifying fabric, see its first, usually thin to thin, thick to close; The second is the flap with the hand, such as fuzzy, density will be under 230 t; Is holding the clothes sleeping bag again some place a little force knead ( This, of course, should ask the salesman permission) , if there is no small velvet silk drill, density when in 250 t; Because nylon thick fabric with a layer of coating, and its processing with bright, smooth, uniform as well. Second: see pile quality down sleeping bag filling material is given priority to with duck, goose feather. Determine down sleeping bags pile quality is difficult, but not without some rules to follow, here are a few methods, consumers might as well give it a try. First, distinguish its thickness and weight from down sleeping bags. Two different thick down sleeping bags, looks very thick, something not very heavy. Its downcontent general higher quality is better; On the other hand, thin, heavy, in which there will be a problem. Secondly, to distinguish from the volume. Will down sleeping bag on the table and focus on squeezing with the hand, the degree of high quality pile can overwhelm very thin, can immediately restorable after let go, fluffy as before; Inferior pile pressure is very thin, let go after recovery was slow. Thirdly, from the stem length and thickness have great recognition. According to the current standard of the specifications of the products sold in the period, downcontent is 50%, half of which is like a dandelion hall of the velvet flowers, the other half is 2 inch long fine wool. That means filling material in certain limits is allowed in the MAO stalks. Third: smell, touch, rub 1, nose down sleeping bag a sniff carefully, if there is a distinct smell or odor, illustrate the feather raw material without strict treatment and disinfection process. 2, hand over to knead down sleeping bag and test its soft degree, if there is too much, too thick long wool, short FenSuiMao etc. , this down camping sleeping bag quality is poorer. 3, with the hand gently pat down sleeping bag, look stitch or the presence of dust overflow, if there is any dust overflow is FenSuiMao or ash is made from sand pile and inferior products. 4, with both hands rub down sleeping bag of positive and negative, to observe whether there is a nap. If there are any fluff out, explain the use of drilling pile performance of the fabrics or in poor or no drilling pile performance. The above is down sleeping bag of choose and buy some skill to share, small make up remind everybody down sleeping bag of choose and buy must be careful.
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