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How to choose and buy and use tents, some Suggestions to the new donkey

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
How to choose and buy and use tents, give some Suggestions for the new donkey time: 2013 - 10 - 23 < br /> < br /> in contact with the outside world, I discovered a lot of people and when I just into the line, because do not understand, buy a tents and other equipment, always concerns, in the face of dazzling tents on the market, we always hesitate, don't know what kind of tent for you. Here, foer sting according to their own use of tents, to give you some advice about the choose and buy and use of tents. < br /> the first point, the environment; Start with what you might encounter the most hard tough conditions for the standard selection tents, for example, although you are not going to camp during the winter, but if you are an outdoor camping goods activities to be conducted in late autumn season, so, you should choose one of the four seasons debt or convertible debt. The second point, weight; Tent weight, as we all know, how important is it for a backpacker, of course, if you are driving, it can choose a luxurious home. Four seasons account usually 10% heavier than three seasons account - More than 20%, mainly due to the curtain rod. While convertible account allows you to according to the situation to increase or decrease in curtain rod and adjust the ventilation. Third, capacity; Capacity of each manufacturer have their own respective standards. While the actual capacity is likely to be smaller than with the capacity of the. For example, a label for 2 people, the capacity of the accommodate two physical zhuang adults and their equipment, tend to be pretty crowded. Using 1, tents, tents outside account must, and avoid contact with, we have that account for waterproof outer water infiltration into account in the inside of the tent; 2 don't exposure at high temperatures, tents, beach cloth not in high temperature and the ground, can help to prevent aging, avoid waterproof performance degradation; 3, when you receive tents, to roll slowly, must have the flight direction of air inside the tent, and if the air without export volume tents, waterproof layer air can only break out, it will greatly affect the waterproof properties.
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