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How to choose a suitable for the sleeping bag - Nanjing city Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
must be light, comfortable, easy to compression, and the climate of warmth with camping site. Isolation layer packing the type, quantity, thickness, Bulk degrees) , size, Fit) , style and structure, and so on affects the heat preservation effect. into the summer, three seasons, winter expeditions. Manufacturer of sleeping bags, don't set a comfortable level, the lowest temperature indicate the work ( Without these tags sleeping bag advised people not to consider) 。 to reasonable structure should be placed condoms and rope attached to the design of the head, prevent heat by the head of the nonvolatile. Some sleeping bags more additional isolation, can warm shoulder; Some sleeping bags in important part of chest or feet additional isolation layer, strengthen warm; From the top of the sleeping bag to the end, along the zipper must be the design of the additional wind layer, prevent the cold wind from the zipper gap sensor. Two-way zipper convenient discharge more than hot air, to prevent foul attached stick a zipper back. The most light and warm sleeping bag style called mummy type ( mummybag) , from top to bottom gradually narrow, the head have a condom, face to show the little mouth has a fixed rope, mummy type to fit, too small not enough fleeciness, enough to warm; Too much heat is vulnerable. Another envelope bag, the same width from top to bottom; Some design during the summer can the whole open when the quilt, don't have to drill into it so hot. Recognize sleeping bag stuffing down sleeping bag filled with synthetic fiber filling compared to the former provide greater degree of warm, compressibility, and durability, and soft and comfortable. But pure down sleeping bag price is more expensive, once wet will lose heat preservation function. Not suitable for rain or damp climate, with sleeping bags in waterproof set before you. If often activities in wet areas, or damp and mildew in the camps, had better choose synthetic fiber ( Such as hollow cotton) After sleeping bag, the biggest advantages of synthetic fibre be affected with damp be affected with damp can still maintain a certain volume, can rapidly dry, price is low; Defect is heavy and difficult to compress, accounts for a large size ( Need compression bag to achieve a better compression effect) And with variable for a long time, use time more will gradually lose volume. But now a new design of the hollow cotton ( Such as the seven holes cotton) no matter from volume compressibility than before (and Four holes cotton) Have greatly improved, the result matches the down-filled sleeping bags. of cleaning and maintenance according to label instructions, the sleeping bag is a lot of different materials. : winter sleeping bag how to select relevant tags: sleeping bags, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags and so on, the relevant information
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