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by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
Usually sleeping bag especially down is not too difficult to clean, can clean with washing machines or big basin at home and then use a dryer after drying, thicker by professional at the dry cleaner as well. Sleeping bags of washing can be in accordance with the following: 1, put the bag in warm water, the temperature of the water is not above 30 degrees. 2, choose feather special cleaning agent, if you don't use soap. 3, please rub gently or flap, don't turn your turn or twist. 4, after washing, please wash the sleeping bag, rinse thoroughly with clear water clean, until there is no soap bubbles. 5, wait for after rinse, press a little moisture ( This kind of pressure is not twist to extrusion) In the sleeping bag flat on ventilated place order processing. 6, air-dried process, should be in accordance with the time to turn the sleeping bag and prevent feathers or synthetic fiber pulled together bulk degrees will affect the sleeping bag. Dealt with in 7, sleeping bags, sleeping bags to put back into the bag or collection in the cupboard. manufacturer to tell you the appearance of classification: the classification of the camping sleeping bag manufacturer to tell you what are the relevant tags: relevant information
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