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How to avoid the leg injured in the outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
How to avoid the leg injured in the outdoor time: 2012 - 03 - 23 source: tent author: outdoor knowledge 1, distinguish between humanitarian and trail. This is important because the hunter also is not to throw the beast clip, or so, he put enough, the cost is too high. According to my summary, trail first faint mo to contend. Because of the high general the beast in the head and no one in south China, so the lower part of the trail while visible, but weeds and trees in more than half a meter high overlap more normal, not as general as humanitarian one meter five or so hard to hide. Usually squatted down to see a clear path, and stand up again by vegetation cover, is more than the beast. The position of the second trail generally at an altitude of 500 meters, to tend to be horizontal is given priority to, especially when you find the notch to the mountainside, are generally the trail. Try to avoid on the beast. < br /> 2, where there is no road to walk, try to choose the ridge line. On the one hand, the wild animals don't go too much ridge line, because exposure. When they got lost on the other hand, high ridgeline position, easy to identify (direction Not geographical direction) 。 < br /> 3, bring sticks as a scout, or other long sticks, the method is a striker with it [ tents] Sweep the place around constantly, so must not be the pursuit of speed. At the same time, feel good also can have the effect of startle. < br /> 4, mountaineering shoes, such as in the top of the shoe lining protection of the steel, the extent of the injury can be greatly reduced. < br /> 5, the collective travel one of principle: consistent, avoid scattered and left behind, it is very important to maintain a good team. < br /> 6, at night to avoid activities in an unfamiliar environment, especially over long distances through, etc. , should be in the daytime out good route ahead of time. < br /> how to avoid the leg injured in the outdoor label: outdoor camping goods, leg is injured, outdoor knowledge
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