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How much do you know about the sleeping bag material?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-15
How much do you know about the sleeping bag material? Time: 2011 11 - Source: 10 tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> sleeping bag also marked the material selection of the quality and price. The change of the sleeping bag material also has a generation to better process, when people with large size and heavy sleeping bags are not very satisfied with the quality, qualitative light, small body sleeping bag has become the inevitable substitutes, so good compressibility and strong expansibility, high grade fine cotton instead of cheap inferior fine cotton. < / p> < p> in order to improve the performance of a sleeping bag, some styles have high-tech applied to sleeping bag outside of the fabric, breathable fabrics DRYLOFT fabric of American GORE company is the most representative of the finest materials. < / p> < p> used in pursuit of perfect, compressibility good down sleeping bag more and more get the welcome of the campers. Grey duck down 80%, and 90% of the excellent properties, such as white goose down sleeping bag, originally just mountaineer under the condition of the limit to use the sleeping bag into the unusual campers rucksacks. < / p> < p> sleeping bag of filler material on the market at present basically has two kinds: < / p> < p> it is down, can be divided into low down sleeping bag and high pile. General downcontent over 80% can be classified as high pile of sleeping bags, the following is a low pile sleeping bag. < / p> < p> down sleeping bag the advantage of good compressibility, warmth retention property good, light weight, small volume. But because the feather is to rely on to keep warm, so using medium pressure in the body part of the heat preservation is not very ideal, when used with high-grade dampproof mat. Fine cotton sleeping bag because cotton is different, so warm index difference is very big. < / p> < p> at present, the market of fine cotton sleeping bag filling material with spray adhesive cotton, imitation silk floss, dupont cotton, cotton, oprah card containing silicon 3 d cotton, etc. 300 g/m2 filling, for example, spray adhesive cotton thermal indicators, the target temperature in 5 degrees or so, imitation silk floss in - 5 degrees or so, and can achieve - plaka. 3 d cotton The target temperature of 12 degrees. < / p> < p> high-grade sleeping bag with filler material commonly, down sleeping bags are fewer marks. Fine cotton sleeping bag is not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, the advantages of high grade fine cotton cloth also is very good, but the general compressibility is a bit poor. < / p> < p> sleeping bag processing methods: divided into single, double and imbricated: < / p> < p> single type or a needle through type, is one of the most simple of the machining process. External material, filling material, in the processing, the material stack together, and then put the three layer stitched together. In this process the needle is through three layers of the sleeping bag, so say a needle through type. The processing technology of cotton good evenness, sutures part of filling material is thin, needle parts easy to leak, generally the process of sleeping bag class is low. < / p> < p> double deck is the most widely used of a kind of processing technology. When processing, the material and a layer of filling material stitched together, fabrics and also a layer of filling material stitched together. Then put two layers of the sutures of stagger added together. Sleeping bag has good warmth retention property of this process, there will be no needle drafty. < / p> < p> imbricate type is one of the most complex treatment, at the time of processing, after, filling material is cut into small pieces, small pieces of material stitched together in one end and the other end and fabric stitch together. This technology has a better effect of warm, breathable and intensity, Labour cost is higher than double type many, multi-purpose on some high-grade sleeping bag. < / p>
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