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How many brands are marketed by Foerstine International Trading?
On the Nanjing Foerstine International Trading Co.,Ltd. "Products" page, the brand(s) are displayed in a clear manner. We have been marketing this brand for many years. This is strong evidence of the gap between us and our competitors. We market our own brands while providing customized services.

Foerstine International Trading has been widely recognized and popular for its outdoor hammock. trekking pole is the main product of Foerstine International Trading. It is diverse in variety. The quality control is carefully carried out throughout the entire product production cycle. It has passed the certifications of SGS and RoHS. The product has almost no UV emissions and produces very little infra-red light, which makes users feel at ease when in use. Its simple design provides easy use for users.

Foerstine has been devoted to helping customers to enjoy yoga hammock use experience. Inquire online!
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