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How can I sleep in the field of the problem

by:Foerstine     2020-05-18
How can I sleep in the field of the comfortable time: 2011 - 09 - 07 < P> whether you are using new sleeping bag is or rather the bulk of the right to use the long battle-hardened sleeping bag, how to make yourself comfortable sleep is the first priority, < / P> < P> remember: sleeping bag not self heating or heating, it's just slow or reduce the heat release of the body, is the best way to store more body heat. External environment factors affect sleep comfort from bad environment: camp is located in the comfortable position can increase the temperature of about 30 degrees, camp does not choose Yu Xi bottom, because this is a cold air gathering place, and don't set up camp in ridge ridge, choose the leeward side or forest, or use the sleeping bag or digging holes. < / P> < P> volume of sleeping bags: new sleeping bag from squeeze on set inside for a long time, the initial volume and heat insulation used will be slightly less warm, it is best to set a good tent lay sleeping bag to make it fluffy, of course, the longer the better sleeping mat material: thermal insulation coefficient are different for each sleeping MATS, it can be isolated from sleeping bag the heat released from the bottom. Can, different season with different sleeping MATS, such as over XueQi had better choose containing solid body and sleeping MATS or automatic inflatable sleeping pad, then put the backpack, main rope or other items on their feet. < / P> < P> complete waterproof: any wet mat can let a person can't stand and uncomfortable, if not waterproof bag set of available large garbage bags to replace when tent bubble water, wet items may be placed on the inside and outside account or account within the corner between away from sleeping bag, bad weather, the account will gather water, so the crack make tents tents should be slightly open the window ventilated, when after a storm comes a calm shall take out and bask in sleeping bags, if XueQi stand directly in the tent. < / P> < P> wear enough clothes: alp guide once said if you sleep don't wear all carry clothes, take too many clothes on your behalf. Had better take a hat because half of the body heat dissipation from the head. < / P> < P> feed: food is fuel, before sleeping, don't empty belly or empty fuel depot, bedtime eat high quantity of heat, and plenty of water is very important to the human body metabolism function, when you feel tired, sleep is thirsty, or when you want to drink water to drink water more, micturition number about four to five times a day, best is transparent color, urine is yellow represents the body still went into a state of dehydration. < / P> < P> warm-up: sleeping bag will not maintain to produce heat, don't immediately to the camp to drill in the sleeping bag, too tired and too cold body is useless, eat good and enough dinner and drink, and then walk in the moonlight, it will be not to sweat as the standard body warm to sleep comfortable no matter use what kind of bag in damp environment will still be uncomfortable and warmth retention property is poor, might as well use a GORE - TEX sleeping bag coat, it can be outside the body of water vapor to breathe freely, even if the tent together with water or still comfortable living in the snow cave, but plastic products won't cause a sleeping bag and wet permeability, head causes a sleeping bag in a dirty, sleeping bags had better use hand washing, use neutral detergent or dedicated feather cleaner, cleaning process there can be no detergent residues in the sleeping bag must be clean dry static, use the washing machine steps involved is not recommended, after twist dry to dry for several days before, especially the feather sleeping bag must be kept, can't let it get into the massive pressure from the end of the activity, a sleeping bag shall immediately lift the air drying, not placed in the sleeping bag set inside for a long time, the feathers or fiber extrusion, best on a large bag or inside the wardrobe, dry out the feather sleeping bag will try not to wash natural oils, unless you send the past &present. < / P>
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