Nanjing Foerstine, Outdoor Camping Goods & Fitness Accessories Manufacturer.

How about Foerstine International Trading R&D team?
The R&D division in Nanjing Foerstine International Trading Co.,Ltd. consists of numerous technicians with rich experience. The R&D team accounts for the modification and development of technologies. When you have technical needs they will offer support.

Foerstine International Trading is a professional and sizable company of trekking pole. camping tools is the main product of Foerstine International Trading. It is diverse in variety. In terms of the design, the Foerstine yoga wheel prop is very appealing and competitive. Featuring high strength, it offers the maximum level of safety for people. In comparison to other lights, it provides brighter light for users. Without consuming significant energy, it gives enough brightness to meets the lighting needs of users. It is designed with bright colors like orange, pink, blue, etc., which can attract many people's attention.

The corporate mission of Foerstine is to make the best camping tools, make customers happier and make employees more joyful. Contact!
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