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by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
Homemade baby sleeping bags: 1, preparing a large cotton vest, to reclaim his old clothes, but should choose loose vest, collar had better not too big. 2, prepare a flat elastic bands to narrow, can't be too hard. 3, the big vest sleeve edge thickness according to the baby's wrist wear into the sinews, slightly wider, because clothes wrinkled up will make the cuff was smaller. 4, put elastic wear collar, but don't the whole ring wear, baby clothes wrinkle in the back of the neck uncomfortable, so start from the shoulder seam half a circle. 5, bottom need according to individual condition, can install zip closed camping sleeping bag, also can not loading, if the baby is grown up, pick up a circle below. Winter camping sleeping bag about how to choose: want to sleep well with camping sleeping bag tips related tags: sleeping bags, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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