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Head out to outdoor activities, safety protection measures should be in place

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
Head out to outdoor camping goods activities, safety protection measures to reach the designated position time: 2011 - 08 - 18 < P> when conducting field activities we often encounter a steep slope, snow and ice cliffs, rushing rivers, ice and snow and rock crack over the terrain. If you want to safely through, then need to master some commonly used technology and method of self protection and protect each other. < / P> < P> essentials of activities in the field, all need to have a diameter of more than 8 mm nylon rope, the rope is the guarantee for you and your companions over difficult location. Don't look down on the rope, it can not only save your own life, also can save your partner's life. < / P> < P> protection, first is to ensure that safety protector yourself. To take advantage of the terrain, terrain, and a fixed rope have or fixed point together. < / P> < P> general protection is divided into above and below the protection in two ways. Above refers to protect the rope by the fixture or fixed point above the protector, protector to protect below; Or protection above the protectors are directly for their own protection. Below refers to protect below the rope protectors by fixed or fixed point for protection. < / P> < P> in addition, in the wild mountains, often used in exploration and protection, general a knot groups for 3 - Four people. Through a 40 - 50 meters long protect rope together, when through the difficult and dangerous section of protection by each other. A team must have two or more people with experience of climbing and protection. If are all inexperienced beginner, multi-pitch protection not only cannot protect, sometimes it will cause more accidents. < / P> < P> in the rock climbing, experienced climbers way below protection model, namely the climber himself will protect the rope in the process of climbing, hang buckle on the protection of protection, protector to protect below. The inexperienced climbers, try to use above protection way. < / P>
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