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Get lost when camping

by:Foerstine     2020-05-08
Outdoor camping when he lost to do time: 2011 - 07 - 27 < P> preferences to the wild mountain, after the top along the path, often want to take a new route no way down the mountain. This will often lead to lost if trapped in the mountains. One thousand lost what? < / P> < P> 1, get back to the original are the mountain tourism mountain road. Even if you already down to the bottom, and already very tired, also want to grind climb up. Don't be lazy, also don't take any chances to try another way. < / P> < P> 2. If you have already can't find the original have tourist trails of the mountain, try to find a stream and down stream. Stream generally take you draw out sooner or later. Meet the waterfall also want to find a way to bypass the waterfall continues to move along the stream. < / P> < P> 3, if no stream in the mountains, you should do, is still on a high hill to get out of the way. According to the sun or distant object ( , reservoirs, such as village roads) Distinguish good general direction and orientation, select a suitable distance in that direction, also easy to identify the target the hills, to the target hills ahead. < / P> < P> 4 or more people, can consider to divide the staff into two groups. < / P> < P> a group stay put the top of the mountain, another group of people down the mountain, hill in the direction of a chosen to move forward. Will often back down, for the top of the mountain left-behind opinion of their own direction. If the deviation from the right direction, the top of the mountain people to use sounds or gestures to remind them to correct mistakes. When the mountain on the other hill, they command had left behind the top of the mountain people down the mountain to go forward. In this way, cross in command 'relay' way to go forward, will not spin around in the valley. < / P> < P> if a fellow climbers, so the only thing he can do, just as is to identify good bearing down the mountain, to constantly looked up at your goals originally selected good hill to go forward, as long as you go to find a way to calm, will be out of the mountain, out of the woods yet. < / P> < P> so, how can I avoid wild trapped lost? If take a compass, map, it will be lost? For general mountaineering tourists lack of field experience, these are not useful. The most cautious way or walked along the old road, don't the temerity to leave trails from the 'new' down the hill. To go for a new road if you are interested in 'adventure', must fully prepared, before let's tell our families and friends, bring enough food and drink, and completes the eye-catching signs along the way, in case of return by the way can't walk out. < / P>
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