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Garlic in the outdoor little use for the trip

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
Small USES of the garlic in the outdoor camping goods travel time: 2013 - 06 - 25 known, garlic is condiment in our dishes, he can make our food delicious. Travel, take a garlic, in the critical moment, maybe can help to you many oh. Now, foer westin camping partner will tell you some use garlic! ! ! ! < br /> < br /> < br /> 1, before departure, cut the garlic into a patch on the belly button, reoccupy adhesive or wet plaster fixation, can make the phenomenon of seasickness, motion sickness, airsickness reduce or disappear. < br /> 2, travel on the way, if the hot weather, unfortunately heatstroke mashing garlic juice can be diluted with cold water after intranasal, refreshing beneficial effect of the gods. < br /> 3, caused by eating unclean diseases such as diarrhea, enteritis, diarrhea, desirable garlic a pound heating hot water use, for e. coli, salmonella typhi, have very strong kill or inhibit dysentery bacillus, and curative effect is remarkable. < br /> 4 accidentally ate poisonous food, tourism, the internal and garlic 3 ~ 5 disc, there is a certain detoxification. Mash the garlic mixed with honey, water pills, has good effect to vomit. < br /> 5, travel on the way, accidentally by mosquitoes, the centipede bites, and can't find antidote, crushed garlic apply affected part, can be a detoxification, detumescence and analgesic effect. < br /> 6, if the tourist flow nosebleed, on the way to mash the garlic shape apply is on the foot yongquan point, able to quickly stop the bleeding. This method for a variety of causes of hemoptysis, hematemesis also has curative effect. Of course, if take garlic smell influence, when in contact with others some tasty chewing tea or containing angelica, mint piece of a small piece of mouth, can slow down the bad breath.
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