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Four seasons tents should be standard features

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
Four seasons tent should have the standard function of time: 2011 - 11 - 03 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> 1, adjustable air hole: made by account ventilation regulating tent outside environment/adjust; < / p> < p> 2, door and window of the fixed bolt fixed switch, convenient for fixed and open; < / p> < p> 3, account reinforcement system can make the tent has the largest stability; < / p> < p> 4, tent wall and ceiling bag can help you better storage equipment, and easy to find; < / p> < p> 5, tent pole set: better than hook type tents have stable strength; < / p> < p> 6, zippers/door switch type smallpox: easy to adjust the tent air and environment; < / p> < p> 7, unique tent pole and tent hook type guarantee tents have the largest space and stability; < / p> < p> 8, removable skateboarding ring: easy to use skis and ski boots fixed tents; < / p> < p> 9, the metal buckle, rapid installation and easy to use; < / p> < p> 10 nylon zipper, light body piece: does not affect sleep; < / p> < p> 11, adjustable Angle of tent screens: easy to adjust the tent pole tension; < / p> < p> 12, YuPenShi account base: pressure rubber seal the bottom of the account and a certain height from the ground to ensure the best and completely waterproof. < / p> < p> 13, self-locking type rod end to facilitate single setup. < / p> < p> 14, reflective point is easy to find their tents in the night; < / p> < p> 15, maintenance package: with viscous material for rapid repair; < / p> < p> 16, pole sleeve: maintenance on-site maintenance tent pole parts; < / p> < p> 17, spare metal buckle: external accounts precaution when emergency; < / p> < p> 18, BURRITO package can be transformed into hang bag: extra storage bag from the ground; < / p> < p> 19, hallway outside account can be used as storage warehouse; < / p> < p> 20, dandy account: completely waterproof. < / p> < p> 21, silica gel processing zipper can effectively prevent freezing; < / p> < p> 22, outside the whole account can enhance the stormy weather protection, < / p>
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