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by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
Foerstine outdoor company remind you how to choose and buy down sleeping bag? According to the different environment and different locations to choose corresponding types of sleeping bag is increasingly attention by people, the summer sky outing use generally seven holes cotton is enough, winter or up to a certain high altitude area, down sleeping bag also become the preferred. Here, I will not discuss cotton sleeping bags, cotton, cotton, after all, after all, has its limits. And down sleeping bag as a high quality, despite the advantages and disadvantages, but in many cases the habit of artificially. Down, just as its name implies is the feathers on velvet. It is not a MAO, and animal skin table a very light thin hairs, mainly have the effect of heat preservation. Because of its good thermal insulation effect, was used as the main filler of sleeping bags, down sleeping bags have become a weapon in the outdoor activities. Good range of cashmere, and is used to sleeping bags of the more common with white goose down and grey duck down, of course, top of Iceland bird flocking, this sleeping bag is expensive. White goose down and grey duck down on thermal coefficient is also slightly different, of course, this is very small, generally people imperceptibly, compared the white goose down slightly some advantages, one is due to its light is applicable to any fabric quality, the second is the content of protein, lower than the duck down sleeping bags under the condition of damp, the degree of odor slightly lighter. Feather is a kind of animal protein fiber, is higher than heat preservation cotton, vegetable cellulose, and feather ball fiber in the thousands of tiny pores, triangle can change with the temperature expansion and contraction, temperature adjustment function, can absorb the human body is sending out flow of heat, isolated from the outside cold air invasion. Down camping sleeping bag according to the amount of volume and filling pile both comprehensive index is divided into several levels. Say first volume, volume measure of down and feather products loose loose degree and heat insulation ability, with every ounce of feather of cubic inch volume calculation. The greater the volume value, show that the quality of the feather, the better. Image point metaphor, assuming a grain is not pop corn is a bundle of low volume down and feather velvet, the completely open the grain of corn is a bundle of high volume down and feather velvet. Measured the volume accounted for the two kinds of corn, obviously 'completely burst open' corn of the space is larger. General down sleeping bag volume is 600 - Around 700, and then higher the cost of production to another class, as for claims up to 8900 volume of domestic some manufacturer is not always reliable. The volume of 600 ~ 700 basic can be applicable to the outdoor camping goods activities of each class, extremely cold area of exploration of course, exceptions. In Europe and the United States there have been 900 volume down sleeping bags, then a different matter. In general is divided into 350, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, such as class, by the gram, namely how many grams of the sleeping bag to fill the cloth with soft nap, 500 is filled in the 500 grams of wool. To fill the cloth with soft nap, the more the more expensive price, heat preservation effect.
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