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Focus on outdoor drinking water safety outdoor kettle is key

by:Foerstine     2020-05-15
Focus on outdoor drinking water safety outdoor camping goods kettle is the key time: 2011 - 08 - 17 < P> who has experience of field activities probably all dependence on water has a profound impression, sufficient water is to make sure your outdoor living quality and health of the most basic conditions. Simple communities depend and draft relying on water does not make you solve the thirst at any time, it will consume more energy and bring health hazard. So in any book about outdoor life, how to obtain, transportation, storage and distribution use of limited water are important chapter. Because in many cases have water to drink is the key to a successful one. < / P> < P> and, in fact, as the tool of carrying water kettle, structure is simple, use a single. In history, the most used in outdoor sports water bottle is made of plant or animal, such as gourd made of leather and internal organs as the raw material, but this kind of container in a safe, health, and many other aspects can not meet the need of modern outdoor sports. < / P> < P> in most cases, a mineral water bottle can meet the requirements of field sport 80% of water, on the other hand, due to the importance of water, and make the kettle indispensable outdoor activities and equipment. < / P> < P> don't leak, don't think this is a joke, in fact the meaning of the word contains two aspects: on the one hand is strong, on the one hand is safe. Field conditions, hashing is difficult to avoid. If the kettle is not strong enough, the result cans be imagined. Also, if its mouth closed lax, not only can be lost in the wild is precious drinking water, perhaps will also carry items such as wet clothing instrument. If the food, clothing and other important items were killed, and in some extreme environment is likely to be the death of you. < / P> < P> a, health, water quality is directly related to the health of human body, and the container cleanliness will affect the water quality to a great extent. Oxidation of metal material is the enemy of drinking water, to overcome this drawback, the most commonly used method is to increase health ion in mouldproof antirust coating. Every famous kettle manufacturers specialized in a bottle with metal materials for the coating processing, not only do health and no smell, can also for resistance to erosion of carbonated drinks, alcohol and other substances. Similarly, plastic instability may also affect water quality. < / P> < P> 2, easy to carry, outdoor use, many of the kettle is sometimes on the bike, sometimes on the wall, it's demand to the portability of the kettle. Some containers made with soft materials, such as water bag and leather bucket, more have irreplaceable advantages, their size and shape can according to the need to change, this is your backpack of the Gospel is already overloaded. < / P> < P> three, designed for special use, outdoor environment varies greatly, there are many different kinds of outdoor sports, in some cases, the general function is can't meet the need. In those who can only make one hand under the condition of water, a single hand or with teeth can be opened and closed bottle mouth design is particularly important, camping out in Numbers and have a picnic in times of need, a bucket can be folded can effectively meet the needs of the camp to water. At high altitude or polar bad circumstances, such as a guarantee that your water is not frozen insulation kettle will let you do not have trouble back at home. < / P> < P> in a long period of outdoor sports, how to make use of natural water, is also a thorny problem. Boil natural water is a good idea, but still can not solve the impurities. And came up with the water purifier to make above problem solved, so a lot of outdoor professionals can use this kind of equipment in the field. It can effectively filter out bacteria, crystal, protozoa and other harmful impurities in natural waters after it filtered water you can safely reference directly. < / P>
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