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Field required: the choice of sleeping bag

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
is indispensable equipment in the outdoor camping goods camping and travel. There are many different kinds of bag, suitable for different purposes, have their own characteristics, the outdoor camping goods sports lovers should be how to choose? According to different purposes generally the sleeping bag is divided into two categories, a kind of camping sleeping bag is thinner, used in general or camping trip, in the spring, summer, autumn three season using most of these sleeping bags. There is a sleeping bag used in a cold environment, and even some adventures, this kind of sleeping bag commonly referred to as professional. Ordinary sleeping bag price is relatively cheap, wide range of USES. Professional sleeping bags in the design and material is very exquisite, the price is relatively high, but if winter camping or travel to high altitudes without a professional sleeping bags are not enough. USES different determines the different heat preservation material and manufacturing process. The difference of the grade of the sleeping bag and function also lies in the use of different fabrics and heat preservation layer. Relatively low in the market for nylon silk fabrics using general ordinary sleeping bags, thermal insulation layer is mostly artificial acrylic cotton, heat preservation is not very good these sleeping bags, normally only around 20 c environments and the heavier weight, compressibility is poor. High quality in the ordinary sleeping bag is much more strict. , a breathable fabrics used function of nylon, heat preservation layer adopts advanced micro fiber cotton. High quality material to make these a few sleeping bags on the warmth retention property, on the weight and volume are relatively good.
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