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Experience the wild life learn to survive in the nature

by:Foerstine     2020-05-15
Experience the wild life learn to survive in the nature of time: 2011 - 11 - 18 source: tent author: < p> a outdoor camping goods tent, experience the wild life < / p> < p> live in the city space space of the room, like in square of beetles, sometimes want to go to the field trip. The wild smells fragrant flowers and plants, trees; Sweet singing; Cloud floating blue empty; Clear brook; We hope more contact with these things, away from noise of voice, to the ceiling in the wild, enjoy the nature. < / p> < p> 2, learn to survive technology < / p> < p> metropolitan buildings, always make me feeling. And field empty, can let us free and unfettered free activities. Do anything, you can follow one's inclinations, oneself start work. Although the field without running water, gas, but it is the wild life unique appeal. Please go to experience, learn to survive in the wild. < / p> < p> 3, are responsible for their own actions < / p> < p> vents of wild life, you mean if only by our own actions, are often faced with some difficulties, there will be failures. But after repeated experience, can cope with anything. Any accident happens, all want to deal with, is responsible for himself. Wild life is training this ability. < / p> < p> the wisdom of nature < / p> < p> a culture observation, natural vision < / p> < p> strives for the survival in the wild, the most important is to cultivate observing natural view. Humans and animals and plants survival instincts are the same. Natural plant and animal although no mutual communication between each other's language, but closely related to each other. If we look closely, you will understand other creatures, equal treatment to them, rather than harm them. < / p> < p> 2, do not destroy the natural balance state < / p> < p> nature of plants and animals keep a very delicate balance each other. A small piece of field, the surface looks no creatures, in fact is the active. Get in touch with nature, don't break the balance, not fold flowers and trees a cup to catch birds and animals. Enjoy the nature, you should follow the rules. < / p> < p> 3, restore the nature original style didn't leave the < / p> < p> we sometimes see people leaving the field, leaving dirty garbage, the shadows of empty cans, plastic bags, leftover fish soups, ugly. So don't forget, save the nature of the original style, get rid of garbage, to bury the temporary toilet is good, take not burning plastic bags. Later, people can enjoy the nature clean. < / p> < p> plans < / p> < p> the purpose of, in accordance with the different to choose site < / p> < p> the purpose of our into the wild, vary from person to person. Some go fishing; Some want to to the mountains, breathing the fresh air; Mr Hu wants to taste ShanCai venison. No matter what the purpose is, must be ready before departure, reading reports, such as books and newspapers activities, discuss with friends, learn from the experience of others. Etc. These all have a lot to discuss. Successful symposium, relationship between the inside and fun or not. < / p> < p> three, assign work < / p> < p> decided to camp, all food clothing live line, due to move inside, preparation work is not easy, need everybody division of labor cooperation. Assign work, decided to someone in charge of food ( Prepare food, in charge of the cooking) , someone is responsible for the tools ( Counting the tents, small stove etc. ) , someone tube accounting ( To deal with transportation, food and miscellaneous fees to register) And decided to leaders, Responsible, have bear mission capability) 。 And put these things make a schedule. < / p>
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