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Experience sharing - — Walking in the snow

by:Foerstine     2020-04-18
Experience sharing - — The technique of walking in the snow time: 2011 - 08 - 11 < P> if you meet snow in outdoor camping goods activities, to walk in the snow, or walking in the snow on the ground for a longer time, is the most important stride in error small and maintaining a constant pace, with rhythm, the walk on your own pace. If random speed up, or the pace is too big to lose the rhythm often cause fatigue. Walking in the snow to be in no hurry, it is important to travel at your own pace. < / P> < P> if snow only to bury the extent of the shoes, is almost the pace of progress will not affect you, but gets the walk, like day, when the snow is above the knee is just life is exhausting. Fatigue sleepy let alone. Snow depth and the waist with his legs and waist pushed open the front of the snow, adopt the step-by-step way to the so-called 'forward snow removal method', to try to alleviate fatigue, snow removal of gist is that the tendency along the direction of your body, on your center of gravity and own weight pushed forward into the snow. < / P> < P> if the number of people walking in from below the knee level snow snow, the footprints of steps with the leading players overlap, so than the messy walk 3322, fatigue degree is low. Walk on the soft or deep in the snow, snow wear snowshoes and take your feet stuck in the snow, and can walk in the snow with ease. < / P>
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