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Embrace nature, develop a plan of outdoor activities

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
Embrace nature, outdoor activities, planning time: 2011 - 08 - 11 < P> no matter the size of the outdoor camping goods field activities, all is in the nature, enjoy nature, to experience nature for the purpose. A field activities to get success, still largely depends on planning and organizing of ok or not. In the activity plan, state, and organize the implementation of plans in the three stages, each link must be considered in advance. < / P> < P> a, activity content. < / P> < P> the first thing we will determine the content of good outdoor activities, mainly on leisure, or is given priority to with adventure. If adventure, so have to collect some background information, such as the risk and the likelihood of success, geography, meteorology and folk customs, such as information, to grasp the success or failure of the predecessors' experiences and lessons. Expedition early special technology and the physical training must be conducted, folk adventure training very hard, so spare time training is also essential. < / P> < P> activity project must be feasible and field activities have a challenging and dangerous, some activities in terms of technology, physical fitness and experience requires a certain level, therefore, any more than their own ability scope of the project, although is very exciting, very attractive, also not easy to take the risk. < / P> < P> expedition is not 'adventure' of avoid by all means enthusiasm alone or to contend for a sigh of relief and rashly, in the 80 s as the right to fight for the ShouPiao with foreigners some drift activity, in many cases it is not yet mature the martyrdom of events, and in 94, nima qing mountain accident, is a warning to us. < / P> < P> determine content, according to the size of the activity is needed to determine the participants and the specific time. < / P> < P> 2, personnel. < / P> < P> according to the composition of field activities to identify personnel, or determined according to the personnel content, how to reasonable arrangement organizers need to be carefully planned. For example, when the number is large can arrange the wild camping, hiking and other activities, and unfavorable for rock climbing, if only a few friends meet its travel arrangement has greater flexibility. < / P> < P> three, schedule. < / P> < P> arrange outdoor activities, in the limited time that everyone can get the biggest happiness, is the key of the plan to improve it or not. General of the field at the weekend, mostly in places with accommodation and want to spend some time back and forth between so transportation, accommodation and activities will be fully considered. < / P> < P> once you determine the field activity plan, the next step is to the preparatory work, preparation work including special technology for activities and physical exercise, and food supplies and equipment, raise. < / P> < P> a, specialized technical training. < / P> < P> refers to the outdoor activity in the project rapidly with a technical component, such as rock climbing, wading, etc. Training shall be carried out under the guidance of senior manager, such as natural rock climbing. In advance can practice in the artificial site several times, to master the basic technical main point, so in the wild natural rock climbing up can reflect rock climbing is more fun. < / P> < P> 2, supplies and equipment and food preparation. < / P> < P> large activities, need special equipment or a longer time activities, such as climbing mountain, drifting, needs to be carefully prepared, according to the number and activity time to list the list of items required, then start to prepare. < / P> < P> safety is the first field activities must follow the principle of the first, no matter what the content or the form of field activities may be unexpected, so safety is the premise of outdoor activities. The organizers must fully consider the various risk factors, and take precautions in advance, at the same time should strengthen our security awareness. < / P> < P> to organize the implementation of outdoor camping goods activity is a complicated thing, should be organised by enthusiastic and have ability to bear. In the wild opinion is not unified, sometimes role will give full play to the people out. The role of a person always thin, so it is particularly important to division of labor is, transportation, accommodation, items, and need someone to responsible for, and the number of more time can be divided into several groups split up, try to make reasonable collocation. < / P> < P> in the process of project experience plays a decisive role. One can make the activity of security more secure. Two can make everyone's experience more deeply, especially for technical activities. < / P> < P> the aftermath is often overlooked, but in activity became the most easy to accidents. Then everyone tired after entering the excitement, the organizers should properly arrange the aftermath, make everybody spirits, satisfied. < / P>
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