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Elaborate donkey, old and new donkeys

by:Foerstine     2020-04-18
Elaborate donkey, old and new donkeys time: 2011 - 09 - 05 < P> a lot of people may think out camping is playing, in fact in physical exertion large, through the activity, in their own physical limits, there will be many unexpected things to people, life should be everyone should at least pay attention to, but in the activity, a lot of people seem to be easily ignored. Here for a new donkey donkey and I talk about a bit idea, I hope jia old and old donkey show added: < / P> < P> a collection, the departure location: the location of the collection arrangement you easy to find the location of nearby as far as possible. Should have the concept of time, when the post marked and tide wait for no man, otherwise it's easy to make the collection time long, waste everyone's time, very happy! < / P> < P> 2, donkey when arranged for all the donkey level, experience, physical each are not identical, with mountain rocks off the coast of complex or road, to the unexpected events, such as a sprained ankle and even fall so it's best in the new donkey can add 30 to go all the time The quantity of 40%, the new donkey equipment, must be emphasized that will, before departure should be check or ask new donkeys equipment, this point I don't want to say more. If through the activity more than three days, every day mountain road March 25 kilometers above, at this time will be on the choice of new donkey donkey a lot of care, physical strength is the key, of course, but far from these. < / P> < P> three, if the team is long, in the place where have a fork in the road, in addition to do the obvious signs, open the donkey should send a physical good fierce ass in this meet, prevention among travelers can go wrong, and at the same time best point number, until meet with the staff. In subsequent to this is particularly important, because road, even open the back of the donkey to set the sign again, is also very easy to be ignored. However, in the mountain roads are not familiar with or without obvious path, try not to marching at night, walking at night are not familiar with the mountain road is very dangerous. < / P> < P> 4, more than 15 people, it is easy to pull rank very long, often before and after the course of more than 30 minutes, so you should seriously remind length control team, pay attention to before and after the echo, when the one thousand accident in case not rescue in time. Open circuit and the tail of the donkey had better have intercom at least whistle, at regular intervals, adjust the speed, the formation pressure, a pressure, pull is too long, don't let the formation, especially walking along after a certain period of time, had better count number. Even at the expense of some wild donkey fanatical on desire, also to ensure the team complete. < / P> < P> 5, to remind the new donkey donkey in group activities with a small box performances, skin injury, mosquito bites, prevent heatstroke, intestines and stomach medicine, etc. In hot weather must be mentioned, that must have heatstroke prevention drugs such as steam water, ageratum rheo-camphoradin, essential balm, jintan, etc. < / P> < P> 6, new donkey or special wild ass best to suppress the craze of the individual, in each have a dangerous place, must be protected, not a real ass, recklessness, should obey the arrangement of the donkey. In long distance through 2, 3 days, the old and new donkeys have obvious differences in physical and mental, is also the most prone to danger and accident, then to observe the reaction of the new donkey donkey, in a timely manner to make appropriate adjustments according to the circumstance, the old donkey should care and help new donkey. < / P> < P> 7, about camping, the arrangement of the new donkey should hear from head donkey, active to undertake the necessary work, such as: clean water, clean up dining place, take care of the little donkey, etc. , in short in outdoor camping goods activities, like a big family, need is mutual help, under the former title of take care of yourself, try to help others. < / P> < P> online is eight, because the organization's activities, personality, physical strength, physical condition, and so on if they don't quite understand each other, so to remind the new donkey, must pay attention to its own protection, especially the camping activities, as far as possible to participate in activities familiar or just take the donkey. On the diet also should pay attention to health, try not to mix with others, tableware, of course, new and old donkeys, that a few old donkey practice together for nearly five hundred years, even if there is something wrong with is also general ~ < / P> < P> the most important thing is to strengthen their safety consciousness, and ask some experienced fierce ass more modestly consult. We wish all the donkey in safer activities play a little at a time, a bit more happy. < / P>
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