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Dressing is not everything, five kinds of circumstances cannot use band-aid

by:Foerstine     2020-05-14
Dressing is not everything, five cases cannot use band-aid time: 2013 - 05 - 22 outdoor camping goods travel, will inevitably be roadside stones and branches into small wound, in relatively simple medical conditions outdoors, dressing undoubtedly became our first choice, but do you know what conditions, not suitable for dressing to stop bleeding? < br /> < br /> < br /> band-aid, also known as 'hemostatic plaster cloth'. In general can only be used for relatively superficial, bleeding wound clean and tidy, not small and do not need to suture the wound, have the effect of temporarily stop bleeding, protect the wound. But due to the low water absorption and air permeability band-aid, against wound secretion drainage, conducive to the growth of bacteria, the wound and the surrounding skin white, tender, causing a secondary infection, therefore, band-aid use time shoulds not be too long. If use 24 hours later, found that the wound has a fever, pain, swelling, aggravate anomalies, such as may be happened wound infection should be considered, should immediately go to a hospital making disinfection anti-infection treatment. < br /> band-aid is not everything, can not use the the following situation: < br /> 1. By animal ( Such as dogs, cats) After the bite, not to bind with band-aid. Should wash with soap and water several times first, then with iodine, alcohol to disinfect wounds, exposing the wound, and vaccine of inject wild dog.
2. Severe trauma, wounds of polluters, should be to go to the hospital for treatment. On the wound debridement before processing, do not use a band-aid. Contaminated or infection of the wound, wound secretion or pus wound also cannot use.
3. Deep and narrow cuts, such as nails, blade scratches, etc. , not with a bandage. The bleeding after wound exposure should be kept to prevent tetanus bacteria infection wound, if necessary, should be under the guidance of injection of tetanus and serum.
4. Burns, scalds the canker, drainage nor use band-aid to stick, in order to avoid poor drainage of secretions and secondary infection.
5. If you stick a band-aid on the wound wet by water, needs to be changed immediately. In the outdoor camping goods, this is especially important. Because, band-aid water absorption ability is very good, if ignored, the wound is equal to the bubble in the water directly, it became a hotbed of bacterial growth.

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